Minnesota State Partnership with Travelers

(upbeat music) [Nicole] If it wasn’t for the partnership between Minnesota State and Travelers, I don’t think I’d have the
career that I have today. [Tammy] Travelers EDGE, which stands for Empowering Dreams for
Graduation Employment is a school to career pipeline program that aims to increase
access to higher education for underrepresented students and brings awareness to the many careers in insurance and the
financial services industry. Over the years, we’ve
supported nearly 500 students through scholarships and stipends and more that 70 students have gone on to accept full time
positions at Travelers. Travelers EDGE students benefit from financial support, Travelers mentors, internships, job shadowing opportunities, and professional development workshops. We have a long standing relationship with a number of Minnesota State schools. We’ve hired a number of folks, as well as provided internships for them throughout
the last several years. [Nicole] The Travelers EDGE program
was a game changer for me because not only did it
cover the cost of tuition, it also provided classes and training to help prepare me for a career in the insurance and financial industry and it provided an
internship at Travelers. [Tammy] Corporate and
institutional partnerships are key to helping students succeed. The more companies that
offer the programs like this, the more students will benefit and local communities will benefit with improved employment
and income levels. (upbeat music)

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