Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism lays out its one-year plan

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
laid out its plan for the year. The focus will be on peace, inclusiveness,
fairness and innovation. For details let’s turn to our Won Jung-hwan. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
said on Monday that it plans to expand its vision of building a country where everyone
can enjoy culture and sports activities more freely and frequently. Its policy plan this year focuses on four
core values: peace, inclusiveness, fairness and innovation, which the ministry will spend
more than 5 billion U.S. dollars to support. To begin with, the ministry plans to continue
inter-Korean exchanges this year to build the peace momentum on the Korean Peninsula. “It’s regrettable that the second North Korea-U.S.
summit ended without any agreement, but the mood of inter-Korean peace should be maintained
and developed. The role of culture is important and is constantly
needed for this.” As well as organizing joint training programs
for the teams that could participate at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo next year,…
the ministry also plans to continue various joint cultural and art performances between
the two Koreas in the coming years. It also has plans to resume long suspended
inter-Korean cooperation projects in the tourism industry. While the ministry is moving forward carefully
considering the political situation on the peninsula,… plans for art exhibitions at
some closed military facilities near the border and peace tour programs to the scenic North
Korean Mount Geumgangsan are in the works. The ministry also highlighted the theme of
inclusiveness. It said it will expand cultural welfare support
for the underprivileged, including providing more than 2-thousand young athletes from low-income
families with financial support starting from this year. Amid the recent MeToo movement in sporting
circles,… the ministry said it will strengthen supervision to wipe out corruption and prepare
legal measures to eliminate sexual assault and violence in sports. Finally the ministry said it will lay out
mid-to-long-term development strategies to foster new content in sectors such as VR and
AR,… to support the country’s growing cultural content industry. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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