Milan Cathedral – Biggest Church In Italy \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z

24 thoughts on “Milan Cathedral – Biggest Church In Italy \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z

  1. Wow its really very big and beautiful church. I really enjoy watching. thumbs up!

  2. Stunning filming my friend, Milan Cathedral looks absolutely stunning, an incredible building! Thanks so much for sharing😀👍💕

  3. Indeed impressive cathedral of Milan. A real architectural jewel. Extremely interesting was the archaeological site under the cathedral and especially how they managed to support that colossal construction on some pillars. I saw something similar in Florence last year. After your enthusiasm, I deduce that you warmly recommend a visit to Milan, right?

  4. ভাই আপনি ইংরেজিতে কথা বলেন কোনো সমস্যা নাই।ভাই পারলে ইউটিউব এ বাংলাই কেপশন দেওয়ার চেষ্টা কইরেন।

  5. Some sweet cinematic footage, my friend. Good commentary and interesting to watch. Looks like a great European trip, my friend!

  6. You've definitely got us curious about this place Z, certainly looks like an interesting locat ion to explore! @7:13 though! 😂🤣 I had to go back and double check what that was coming in from the right 😧🤣

  7. What I absolutely love about your vlogs is that it’s not only entertaining but super informative, after every video I actually learn something new. Thank you.

  8. Love the Duomo. Been there myself, wonderful place. Milan is a great country filled with tons of history. Good job showcasing it!

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