Michigan State Parks – With the Beerbellied Travelers – Park Travel Review

howdy folks welcome to Happy Trails
hiking today we are in Michigan and we are going to get a tour at least three
Michigan State Parks from the BeerBellied travelers we want to take you along so
stay tuned Dayna Eileen and Oberon hosted quite an
event for us at their house this huge bonfire plenty of beer and wonderful
food including cake Dana is a masterful worker or me to us
this wonderful walking stick no beautiful mess and this is from a
birch tree falling on the trail that we went on yesterday afternoon just outside
their house that was so sweet dear thank you we got to the campground at Auto a state
park we also have our guests with us which we told you we were coming with
the beer belly travelers meet Dana Marlena Becker
we are and awesome campsite right along the lake shore at onaway State Park we
confer campers campsite number five is what we’re looking for so we will show
you around once we get in here so we have a really crappy spot to camp for
the night and the alphas all set up the tents all set up and you’re gonna go
find some hiking trails so we are now in Sheboygan State Park and we’re gonna
hike not to Lake Huron and lighthouses and stuff so stick around and see what’s
on the trail so Eileen and Dana we’re telling us
about these cabins we could rent them in the winter you can snowmobile to them
they have snowmobile trails Sheboygan State Park is on Lake Huron it is the
second of the Great Lakes that I’ve gotten to see so this trail proved to be quite wet and we
had to go off trail just a little bit to find our way one there it’s problematic
it’s like michael dana has a drone he calls Skippy how is enjoy watching
him fly the footage against us in the awesome there’s hope
and granite we want to do a dress that way a little
bit so you can Center the lighthouse right there put you back to video Oh Skippy come home
so it gets a little sand doing like right here V Charles hiking with fashion
we have found peace now we can say we have actually been hiking trails here
Sheboygan State Park how far we go we went three point seven nine miles that’s
really good what do you think of the trail with its
lovely next to Lake Huron that is the main feature here we also saw the
lighthouse foundation or insurv by now you’ve already seen hey it’s a nice
trail it’s a nice place to hide it’s not too many hills and pretty good
temperature not too many bugs yeah great hike all right on to the next little
vloggers logging well you guys were vlogging I heard fudge yes fudge is
going to happen yes you’re gonna become a buggy and a troll troll in their video
if you haven’t gone to see their video yet you gotta see it anyway so we’re
going next to the Mackinac Bridge and fudge Matt fudge
are you excited rich I like bridges that’s true I’m excited
alright stay tuned all right we are at Vishal Mackinaw
State Park and there’s this awesome bridge it is mighty Mac so another thing that Eileen and data
say we have to do while we’re in Michigan is come find rocks or some of
this thing we got here works right work so we have to find rocks rocks it’s a
ski stone Petoskey stone the state rock it’s a state rock yes only to only found
in Michigan and it’s fossilized coral native to the Great Lakes awesome
stay tuned for some rocks oh my goodness this is beautiful very beautiful beach
we’re looking for Petoskey stones so and Eileen just said they’re easier to find
if they’re wet so we’re gonna go down towards water see if we can find us some
Petoskey stones or fossilized coral but look at this and it beautiful so we found a couple okay and then now
you told us what you know what they like Heather or forum but what if it’s morning
since we are finishing out our trip to onaway state park and all of the
fantastic state parks here in Michigan Matt what did you think of our campsite
and stuff here at onwards deeper this campsite was lovely there is a rather
large body of water to our right at the lake and we had a wonderful view of that
funk that was amazing great sunset had some good beers now
thank good company thanks managed to not burn the bacon yes bacon was amazing
great they can lost great humor breakfast this morning is bacon it was
bacon exactly yeah that would have been awful
terrible I can taste like chicken as you can tell we’ve had no fun this weekend
and we’re probably never gonna do it again anyway thanks to the beer belly
travelers for showing us around and being part of our video and Matt you
guys say the end Oh Misha end no until next time Oh
until next time this is Matt inque from happy trails hiking thanks for watching this has been an all weekend oh oh we
gotta watch the chords there buddy I’ll throw it a different direction

15 thoughts on “Michigan State Parks – With the Beerbellied Travelers – Park Travel Review

  1. Hmm Bridges, fudge and rocks … No I am going to behave myself. lol
    Another epic Matt and Kay travel vlog. 😃👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Very cool trip. BBTs some good hosts for sure. Sweet drone. Mine went to the drone hospital. lol. Like Matt’s Indiana Jones meets Under armor look 👍👍. Is that a gps watch?We cancelled our Yellowstone trip so we could start our house sooner. Maybe start in August. Thanks for the video.

  3. What a fun adventure guys! Man you were only 45 mins away from my neck of the woods…at Mihilmackinac. We love all those state parks and have spent many hours at them. Well Onoway, manly golfing at Black Lake, and Cheboygan…kayaking. Hope you got to enjoy some Oberon on tap, and some black rocks beer. Great adventure guys.

  4. Another great adventure. Beautiful State Park, thank you for sharing. That fudge looks delicious. 😋🙏🤗❤️👍🏼

  5. Awsome video and collab really enjoyed this video sledgehammered that like button and sharing to Twitter and a full watch beautiful place

  6. Another great Video Kay and Matt . Like # 7 and full watch . Well worth the watch . Howie

  7. Another nice collaboration with the BBT and them guys sure looked after you, beer, great food and a yummy cake. Nice bit of hiking and a real nice beach strool as well. The photo at the end of 8 and the beginning of 9 minutes was stunning, cheers Alan

  8. Wow, gorgeous views from the campsite! Don't know if you could have asked for a better spot! We've been talking about doing a Michigan parks trip at the end of the summer so thanks for some ideas of where to go!

  9. A FUN vid! Has everything…camping,🏕hiking🥾AND food 🐷 how fun to double up with other YTers! Ahhhh FUDGE!!

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