Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)

100 thoughts on “Mexican Oil and Drug Cartels: Cocaine & Crude (Full Length)

  1. VICE founder Suroosh Alvi travels to Mexico to see the effects of cartel oil theft firsthand.
    WATCH NEXT: The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo –

  2. Again military is in collaboration with cartel. Oil companies can install a 24 hour surveillance using drones of their pipeline.

  3. Do you know that the las 4 former presidents in Mexico were stilling far more oil than the cartels.
    And do you know that cartels were part of PRI and PAN party’s

  4. If those were my gkids, I'd still be taking cartel lives at every opportunity. The Mexican people fierce warriors in battle, gather those of whom you know. An don't stop till the valleys flow with the cartels blood.


  6. You can't help when the government itself is hand in gloves with the criminals. Otherwise how government forces who are so superior and large in no can't wipe out bunch of thugs. its same with the case of global terrorism. Nations are looking after their self interest. when your motive is not sincere nothing works.

  7. The good old days of when Vice used to produce factual impartial documentaries rather than the HBO political propaganda BS they have done since being bought out ..

  8. Mexico is beyond Fucked !
    A revolution is the only thing that will keep Mexico from going to HELL !!!!!

  9. it looks when you was there the government did a big theater and a good show they set up a good fake show for you to criminalize some cartels now new goverment AMLO find out that it was same goverment from that time who was stealing oil and gasoline as gpod bissiness so it looks they fool ypu with this information sorry. for you but we know you did your best to show cituation from Mexico .please can you update now this news with new goverment and take another report that was same goverment corruption stealing and having a black cartel.

  10. a country that produces millions of barrels per day is worried about 1000 barrels
    of course there are more problems but still.

  11. marshal law should be instilled and anyone and everyone im possession rounded up beheaded and anyone with tattoos the same to them.

  12. Privatization? Wtf, now the cartel just be able to sell thoose tapped oil from government owned company to the foreign oil company

  13. the problem is that Mexico is not corrupt … it is State Captured!!!
    I don't see any hope for this country ATM …

  14. what is worse is the cartels are hijacking WATER that is brought to communities where there is no clean water…like for real WATER WTF

  15. They kill for money(just papers)! I prefer love and peace, I prefer to sleep without afraid! I prefer to be a normal person! Stop kill each other for nothing! Change your life! Stay with your wife , mom, children! Family want you there, not money!

  16. So the father received his money and for oil company had the cartel go get back what they paid him for his loss. And people don't undeserved why America needs a security wall.

  17. Police in Mexico are dealing with large organized crime gangs heavily armed with high powered automatic weapons bought from the Mexican army and the USA. The hoods steal oil, gas, and whole towns in it with the terrorists and the gangs of thieves.

  18. 8:11 Ok, Vice probably killed this guy. Anyone who knew him can spot him right on. You folks should have hidden everything, damn.

  19. Damn so if everyone went electric
    Stop doing street drugs ..
    They would probably steal electricity
    And pharmaceutical labs.

  20. I don´t think this guys realize how dangerous is what they´re doing, i mean if you come to mexico and properly take care, you might find a problem, but if you are here to find that problem. let me tell you, you are going to find it, vice founders are hardcore. they deserve a medal for bad assery

  21. The people steal gas cause the government steals even more gas they just cover it they way things are in Mexico it's never gonna change the rich political people educate their kids to do the same and become even more greedy and corrupt and the poor people get tired of all this Injustice that it's easy to get brainwashed into becoming a cartel member

  22. If the cartels put some of the money in to the local neighborhoods and community and use it to better its people everyone would love and support them

  23. Cowerd hidden face plays strong but afterlife we will see you in Hollywood Hemorrhoids homeworld to serve pornoland. Nice brother s who served your ass you become superstar

  24. They kept it as Kartel…but if its shld be an Arab man they would point hands Nd say its an Islamic terror and call Muslims all kinds of name

  25. Government and law enforcement it's the real cartel the rest are poor uneducated people who get brain washed for false promises of good pay and they got being the ones in the front of line called "carne de cañon" sad!

  26. When you'll understand that the cartel and organized crime are two very different things.
    When the sign comes to a restaurant to eat, all people are happy because they know they'll eat free.
    But when organized crime comes to a restaurant, everyone runs because they know that those bastards won't pay for their food

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