Metropolitan State University and Travelers – Tunde

– Graduating cum laude, Tunde Sulaimon. (light music) – My name is Tunde Sulaimon, I graduated from Metropolitan State University, class of 2016. During my time at Metro State, I was a Travelers EDGE scholar. EDGE, it’s an acronym
for empowering dreams for graduation and employment. Underrepresented groups
may have difficulties actually getting into
college and graduating. And maybe they’re just
difficulties that could be overcome if they’re
just given a little bit of financial assistance, or just a little bit of guidance. (light music) Even myself, I was going through school, and was like, “Yeah, you know, “this is really hard. “I’m not sure if I can
go to school full-time “and work full-time.” But I mean, after I got
the EDGE scholarship, was like, a voice told me like, “OK, you’ve gotta finish this.” So when you’re an EDGE scholar, you’re automatically part of Pathways. Pathways helped me with
informational interviews, how to put together a resume. There’s certain intangibles that you need to launch a career. So basically, the ability
to actually talk to people, interview well. So those are things that were very, very important. They don’t necessarily
teach you that in school. (light music) Travelers EDGE, they actually hook you up with a mentor at Travelers. Just to give you career advice and see how an actual professional, how their day-to-day life is. I got to get some insight on insurance, I got to look at other careers. And really, I guess, it’s like, OK, There’s other careers
that look interesting, but I think accounting was more for me. It just made more sense to me. (phone ringing) Baker Tilly, this is Tunde. I am an accountant at Baker Tilly, working in our financial services group. When I interviewed at Baker Tilly, they actually had three
separate interviews. So I interviewed with a senior manager, interviewed with a partner, and then, we interviewed with an HR manager. Being in the EDGE program really helped me actually hone in on what I actually really needed to do to land an interview, and explain yourself clearly to everyone so they’d be like, “OK, we want to work with you.” What I’m actually looking for is just a preparatory financial statements– I put applications at several firms. I interviewed everywhere. I had a few offers but
it was really Baker Tilly that kind of just stood out for me. I would definitely recommend a student actually apply for the
Travelers EDGE scholarship. It’s very important, actually, to be ready for a career right out the gate. Some companies actually
expect you to do that. And then there’s certain intangible skills that being an EDGE scholar will teach you. That, well, just normal
scholarships just won’t. (light music)

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