Metropolitan State University and Travelers – Randa

– My name is Randa Phommathet. I’m an EDGE scholar. I was born and raised here in Minneapolis, and my parents are from Laos and Thailand. I am a first-generation college graduate so I’m very proud and my
parents are proud of me. Coming out of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to get into
until I was introduced to the EDGE program. (light music) EDGE provided opportunities
to go on field trips to financial institutions
or insurance companies. They provided that academic advising. I was lucky enough to get a summer internship at Travelers. And I was an underwriting intern for the public sector services department. The most valuable thing that I took away from my internship was that I was able to connect with over 40 individuals. I had one-on-ones with them each and I got to know their background. I kind of had the connection that others didn’t have because of
being in the EDGE program. (light music) An HR, a person from
Travelers gave me a call with an opportunity for a position as an account manager. So I took that opportunity right away. I got an interview and
I was offered a position in the summer of 2017. (light music) – I love having Randa on our team. She’s very bright, super eager to learn, and she’s grown a lot. Recognizing that what she has to say is important and valuable. – Just the culture, working with everyone around me, they’re super nice. We have a great work environment. – Here at Travelers there’s
a unique opportunity to kind of write your own story. They’re all very bright. We have great training here, there’s tons of opportunities. They’re gonna learn the work part. It’s the part of allowing
them to be a voice in the room. I think sometimes their
experience has been that maybe they always
weren’t the loudest voice, or didn’t feel like they had a voice. Then when you see that
come to fruition over time and you see them in a
meeting, or presenting, or leading something,
or working with their underwriter and directing them, I mean, that’s really what it’s all about. (light music) – Travelers, this is Randa. Life without EDGE, I
honestly don’t think I would have graduated college. Coming from a family that
didn’t graduate college or even have any knowledge of what to do, where to go, it changed my life. – Is there anything else you need from me, other than that? My personal history is connected to the EDGE program. My dad was an immigrant. I was a first-generation and still, of my siblings, the only
one to go to college. And so there were a lot
of challenges around that for me. I feel like I have the opportunity to kind of help facilitate, you
know, a success story of someone who is in
their first generation of their family as a college graduate. – When you sign up for
EDGE, you’re basically signing up for your future. So stay committed and take advantage of all the opportunities given. My name is Randa Phommathet,
I’m an EDGE scholar. I’m now an account manager
for the inland marine department at Travelers. (light music)

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