Metropolitan State University and Travelers Overview

(soft piano music) – In my life, I’ve always
wanted to get a college degree, something that I was not able to get back in country of origin because I couldn’t afford it. – My parents are from Laos and Thailand. Coming out of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to get into until I was introduced
to the EDGE program. – I was going through school and was like, yeah, you know, this is really hard. I’m not sure if I can
go to school full-time and work full-time, but after
I got the EDGE scholarship, a voice told me, “Okay,
you gotta finish this.” (soft piano music) EDGE. It’s an acronym for empowering dreams for
graduation and employment. Underrepresented groups
may have difficulties actually getting through
college and graduating. And maybe they’re just
difficulties that could be overcome if they’re just given a little
bit of financial assistance. Or just a little bit of guidance. – [Alloyce] When I
joined the EDGE program, I got a scholarship that
enabled me to go to school. – [Randa] EDGE provided
that academic advising. EDGE offered opportunities
to go on field trips to financial institutions
or insurance companies. – It was a really
eye-opening experience for me because then it allows me to see, “Hey, I don’t have to work
jobs like my mom and dad, “assembly lines and things like that.” Now I can see a different dream or job that I can actually do. (soft piano music) – How do you help somebody
envision the ability to go and complete a four-year degree? So for EDGE, it’s really
that, how do we empower people to feel in control of their destiny, and provide a lot of support
through the entire process. – When you’re an EDGE scholar, you’re automatically a part of Pathways. Pathways helped me with
informational interviews, how to put together a resume, – My name is Ibrahim.
– Nice to meet you. There are certain
intangible skills that being an EDGE scholar will teach you that just normal scholarships just won’t. The ability to actually talk
to people, interview well. – So, the EDGE scholarship
and the Pathway program, I think they kind of build you up, so that you are whole and
ready to go out there and work. – [Randa] I was lucky enough
to get a summer internship at Travelers, and I was
an underwriting intern for the public sector services department. – I was mentored from the
first day that I went in. I learned so much. – [Randa] I kind of had the connection that others didn’t have because of being in the EDGE program. – Travelers is tapping into a
group of students whose energy they need for the future. – This allows us to
really influence students at an earlier age, get them
in to experience our culture and help our culture be better and richer during that process, and then hopefully, have them convert and
become full-time employees of Travelers at some point in time. – An HR person from
Travelers gave me a call, and I was offered a position
in the summer of 2017. (gentle piano music) – We are not an ivory tower. We are very much connected
to our community, and the Travelers EDGE is a great example of a partnership that kind of unleashes the creativity of business
leaders and educators for the benefit of our students, but ultimately, for the
well-being of our community. – Travelers, this is Randa. – It’s not, how can you write a check and feel good about the fact that you’ve helped fund the university, but how can you partner
with the university to have something that
is a more holistic sense of how you affect students’ lives. Again, with the outcome being you build a pool of potential
employees as you go through. I’d love to see other
corporations take the concept and run with it. (inspirational orchestral music)

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