Members of Congress Take Recess Road Trips

Good morning, here in Danielson
Connecticut, about to start a 108 mile walk across the state of
Connecticut Hey America, I’m Congressman Will Hurd and starting tomorrow, August 6th we’re doing DC to DQ, where I’m making 20 stops from El Paso to San Antonio Welcome to day two of my walk across
Connecticut brought to you by Mountain Dew kickstart, Willimantic to Portland today Liz, say hello hi she’s been walking with me we’ve been talking about
education and disability law and she’s been a good walking companion, thank you I’m here with Virginia who is a school counselor, school counselors rock Yes they do They need more help and we got a chance to catch up about it here in Hebron I gotta go Morning everybody, happy Monday I gotta go Just had the opportunity to meet with
some Vietnam veterans present them with their commemorative service pin it was
really an incredible honor to do that great thing to do here in Marquette
County, now we’re heading to Baraga, part of the motorcycle tour getting ready to get on the Harley, follow us on #RIDEMI

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