Meine Weltreise beginnt | Travel Motivation | Sofian Worldwide #01

Everyone has dreams and goals in life For goals you set yourself, you work hard, are disciplined and get up every morning to achieve exactly what you have set yourself as a goal. It’s the same with dreams, but many people just leave it to dream. But now imagine you just make sure that this dream comes true. How about just getting that and doing exactly what you’ve been thinking about for years? I’m Sofian. At some point I came to a point where I sat and thought,”Why are you dreaming? What are you doing? Make it easy. And now I’m here, packing my stuff, backpack, and go. There are many questions to be asked. Where to? How long? Why? But you don’t need an answer to every question. Most of the time you don’t even know. You just know that it’s exactly what you want to do. What did I have to do? Just turn my whole life upside down 🙂 But otherwise life would be boring, wouldn’t it? Follow me on my journey around the world

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