Meet your new Inbox

Meet Inbox, a new app from the Gmail team. It keeps things organized and helps you get
back to what matters. You’ll notice similar messages are bundled
together; Promotions, Social, Purchases, and more. Let’s check out Promotions. Now you can deal with related messages together. And get rid of them with one tap. If you think an email should be bundled, you can move it… …or if it doesn’t belong, you can remove
it, or simply send it to the trash. Inbox comes with a few ready-made labels.
You can also make your own labels and bundle them. So whatever you’re into, you can keep it
all together. Let’s open Social. If you see something you want to get back
to, just pin it. Pinning lets you keep the important stuff
around so you can sweep the rest to Done. Flip the switch to see just the things you’ve
pinned. For other things you need to get back to,
you can add your own reminders to your inbox. If a message or Reminder is important but
you don’t have time right now, you can Snooze it for later. Or for when you get home and have some down time. So that’s Inbox by Gmail. We’re excited
for you to try a new way to keep things organized and help you get back to what matters to you. Welcome to the inbox that works for you.

100 thoughts on “Meet your new Inbox

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  2. This demonstration is for people with blue print not common bloodless person like me. I have not been allowed to own a phone everything was dismantled. In fact, i wish the luck let the go ahead.

  3. Интимная в том что ты там числе не просто так что это не просто цемент с

  4. All this new stuff is garbage, haven't you ever heard of: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.. You have some very stupid people working there…

  5. Моля всички материали да ми се изплащат и говорят на БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК. БЕЗ БЪЛГАРСКИ ЕЗИК НИЩО НЕ ПРИЕМАМ И НЕ МИ ИЗПРАЩАЙТЕ ,МОЛЯ !

  6. I hate it. Way too many gadgets and forced ways to make my life ''easier'. How do I uninstall it or do I just have to halt using Gmail?

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