MEET YOUR IDOL: M.O.N.T || 2019 World Tour Promo Interview for Poland

Hello ‘Meet Your Idol’! We are MONT! Let’s start an interview! Q: Introduce yourself, please Hello everyone, hello Polish MINT, Hello Meet Your Idol I’m the leader, Narachan I am rapper, Roda I am main vocalist, Bitsaeon. Hello! We are MONT! Q: You visited Poland in November. What new will you show us this time? First of all, we debuted So we will show yo better image And in addition to our songs, you will hera many songs of our sunbanims As you like our song in Polish, this time we will show you something as well, Please, wait! Q: You have more and more fans in Poland. How do you feel with that? We have many fans in Poland! We’ve heard that many people like MONT and became fans Thank you so much, we will be working hard for you We will meet at two concerts soon. Please, wait Q: Your cover of Polish song ‘Początek’ has been shown in many Polish TV stations. Did you expected that? I’ve heard it was in Polish TV news Amazing! K-pop stars! Unbelievable! In Polish news Can you sing for Polish fans? Now? Ok! Thank you so much! The song is great, you’re lucky! Q: Invite fans for your concert! During our concerts, we will show you so much happiness and fun We prepared many things! We will have fun with Polish MINTS one more time! When concerts will be? Cracow, 11th April And Warsaw, 13th April Please, come to our concert and fanmeeting It was MONT! Thank you!

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