Meet the Students and Interns at Haemers

I am Raoul Kouadjip Student at Superfond international French School I am at Haemers Technologies to fulfill my six months internship I am in 5th grade and I have three monthts left at Haemers Technologies It is going fine, we are in a great team We have comrades and it is doing well! My name is Loïc Charlier I am in internship here since one week now I am in Master 1 and going in Master 2 Globally, I deal with engineers’ work and I will be here for two months and a half My name is Jihane Karym I am a student in Bac 3 Political Sciences at ULB and I am here full time on summer I do what they ask me to in administration For now, I help the operations’ department My name is Nico Feiner I work at Haemers, I am not a student It has been a month and it’s a good company! Hello, my name is Anne Le Houezec I am also not a student, as him but I help and watch over the boys, the students and the “non-students” In fact, we help stripping cables and preparing all for the different installations, projects abroad and in Belgium I am in a student job for a months at Haemers and I take care of the administrative and marketing stuff I am Rudy Ituname I am here as a student ofr a month I study Electronics at the Haute École Francisco Ferrer My name is Bouagfa Walid I’m student at the Emile Max High School In 6th grade, Math & Sciences I work at Haemers Technologies during vacation I work in the workshop, and, at the same time, I work on cable Stripping too My name is Pierre-Yves I am in 2th grade in Psychology at ULB I began working here three weeks ago It will be over by next week and I strip cables! Hello, my name is Meltem Koyuncal I am a student in 2th Master in Humane Resources management I am in an internship for a month here and then I will do it as a student job for a year I carry out tasks in Human Resources I am Mathilde Claes I am a student in Environmental Management in 1st Master and I am at Haemers Technologies for three weeks to carry out administrative tasks such as subsidiary folders, and environmental permits I will be in 3th grade at INSAS And so, here we go, I am Haemers’s Cameraman

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