Meet Application Engineers at Google

I’m Jeff and I’m an application engineer. An application engineer is a Google
engineer who works on integrating business systems, translating the
requirements into code ,moving the code into a complete application, and
delivering it to the client. So we make things run at Google. Our
customers are other Googlers and they have high standards just like we do so
their expectations are very high. The software that we implement might not
have been built at Google and so we bridge that gap. So application engineers
call and interact with clients, getting to know the client problem, understanding
it giving them suggestions, talking to them. That comes in addition to all the
code that we write so I would definitely say applications engineering is different than the traditional software engineering role. General Google culture is very
collaborative. My coworkers are awesome. We all help each other out and
collaborate really well, not just within our own teams, but also across the other
teams as well. The best thing about Google is the open culture. You can
approach anyone at any level. There is no hierarchy — email them asking them for
help, whatever you want in your career so that’s how they help you have personal
growth. I’ve taken courses on machine learning and then also some languages
that I have never used in my career before. I I feel like I’m completely
supported in my growth. The challenge is what I love because that’s what motivates
me to come to work every day — the challenge.

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