Mediterranean Field Course, Ecology, University of Leeds

[MUSIC PLAYING] So why go on to field course? Because we study biology. We study life. And the best place to see
life is out there in the wild, because many of the things
we want to study are, you know, the wild
processes in biology. One of the favourite places I
went to on a field course was the Mediterranean. When we went collecting data
and writing everything up, we just got to explore
the local area. It was interesting to see
how the ecosystem had all the different elements to it. So one team was looking at
the presence of wild boar. We were looking at
lizard thermoregulations, so we got to use thermal guns,
which you point at the lizards. And a laser measures
their temperature. All the field trips that
I’ve been on, good for me, I like being able to
apply this stuff I’ve learned on my degree, and
do it out in the field, and not just do it on paper. The beauty of a field
course is they’ll stretch you in
ways that you maybe have not been stretched before. And so it gives
you the opportunity to get job skills, life skills,
and have a really good time.

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