Medicare for Travelers–HMO vs PPO

– I travel to Florida in the winter, how does that affect my Medicare? (upbeat music) – Okay mom, that was a great question and I know my mom has that question dear and near to her heart because my mom & dad like
to go down to Florida and spend a couple months every winter and get out of Indiana, and believe me I miss them when they’re gone, and I’m super jealous. If you go to Florida and you
have a Medicare Advantage plan, it really matters what type do you have. Do you have an HMO, or a PPO? The main difference is the network. If you have an HMO network,
almost universally, you have to go to the
doctors in that network. And that means, you need to stay home. Because your network
typically is in an area around where you live. And it doesn’t give you any
ability to go out of network. So if you go to Florida for
two weeks or two months, in the winter, you’re out of network. Now you have to pay everything that happens to you, if
you get sick in Florida. If you’re one of those
people that travels regularly out of your area, get off your HMO. If I have a choice
between an HMO and a PPO, I would always choose the PPO, as long as I could afford
it, again, it costs more. It’s more flexible, because it allows you
to go out of network. So if I go to Florida,
Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, anywhere out of my normal area, I could go to doctors that accept my plan, even though they’re not in the network, and I would just be charged a higher fee. So it would be a higher co-pay, a higher out of pocket maximum, but I can still get care
through my insurance plan. So, if you travel a lot, I’m using Florida as a shortcut, but if you travel out
of your immediate area, and you’re on an HMO, you need to have a long talk with us, the agent that sold it to you, and ask why they sold it to you. Maybe you demanded it. I have seen that with agents. They’re like, “I want this plan “because I saw a TV commercial “and it had zero monthly premium.” That’s not a reason to buy a plan. You need to understand the network. The network is more important than the premium or the benefits. Because that’s why I always
ask people, what’s your health? What are your drugs? What’s your family situation? Do you travel? And people always go, “Why
do you care if I travel?” This is why. Now if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, in any letter, A, B, C, D, E, J, (mumbles) allows you to go all over the country. You need to think about that, because you don’t have to worry is it in the network? Is it out of the network? Will they accept my plan? With a Medicare supplement
you have that flexibility. Yes, you pay for that flexibility, a Medicare supplement costs more. I’m not saying a Medicare
supplement is better than a PPO or a PPO is better than an HMO. Actually I think I did say
that, but I don’t mean that. It depends on you. If your circumstances change, like say you inherited a beach house, in Texas, when your great-aunt died, now you’re gonna be going
down to Texas regularly, maybe you need to get off
that HMO and move to a PPO. You’re able to do that
regardless of your health during certain enrollment
periods of the year. If you decide you wanna go
to a Medicare supplement because you got a big
inheritance from that aunt, and now you wanna be able
to travel all the time all around the country, then you will have to be able
to pass underwriting questions and they’re gonna ask you
a lot of health questions that you may or may not qualify to get up to a Medicare supplement, but you can always go from HMO to a PPO. If you have more questions, call our family, The Medicare Family. There’s a lot of us here
that are willing to help you. Our consultations are
free, email us, call us, text us, any way you wanna contact us, and we’ll happy to help.

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  1. Medicare policy holders need to make sure they have the correct Medicare plan that fits their life style – sounds like choosing the right plan is EVERYTHING for the client. Gordon Marketing is here to help our agents and clients too with questions regarding this video.

  2. if i have to travel for a death in the family and get hurt myself is there anything my insurance will do?

  3. Great information to pass along to parents and family that travel south for the winter or to other locations where their healthcare options may be limited do to having an HMO.

  4. Shared with my mom, and asked her to let her Car Club friends in on this info as well. Thanks for all this great information for consumers!

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