Medical Tourism Victims Share Their Plastic Surgery Nightmares

The following program contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. Tell us about the whole concept of the surgery sisters. It’s fascinating. It’s a new concept, I’ve never heard of this before. But you gotta understand, this online community is so vast, and they have these private groups, and you find somebody who has the same surgery date as you, and that’s your surgery sister. So you do this together. And that’s how it works. You obviously met a lot of different individuals, in particular Leslie met a group of women who all went through this same surgery coach. Traveled across the border for procedures, and endured their own plastic surgery nightmares. Have a look. (intense music) It’s a new age of medical tourism that’s all done on smart phones. With enticing plastic surgery results and bargain basement prices. But behind the beautiful bodies, there’s a real dark side that we uncovered. It didn’t take long to find several women willing to expose their plastic surgery nightmares. And they recounted their stories straight from their hospital beds. I just wanted to feel like I did before I had all my kids. Seeing those results made me really want to have it. They sell you a dream. They made me feel like they were gonna have me looking amazing, and so I sent pictures, and they asked for a deposit, and they just say, be in Tijuana on this date. I bought a fanny pack and $8000 in cash was really scary because they say you have to pay the cash when you get there. No other exception. After the women set their surgery date, they traveled to the San Diego-Mexico border where a driver picked them up and took them to the surgery clinic. But as soon as they arrived, everything seemed amiss. (dramatic music) It was extremely dirty. It looked like the floors hadn’t been mopped or swept in a long time. Girls having sleeping bags and sweats on the couch, sleeping there. It looked like they were gonna take my kidney. Like, that’s how sketchy it looked. There were bars on the windows. The nurse ended up drawing my blood without any gloves on. That scared me. I was excited, but now I’m freakin’ scared. They did that, and blood got everywhere, like, oh my god. I don’t know what I got myself into. The women all told me that despite their better judgment, they chose to go through with the surgeries. One of the nurses came into the little cubicle that I was in, and she kind of was just like, it’s your time, come on. And the next thing you know, I felt a prick in my back. She was like, you know, be still. She brought my head down, and he just kept poking into my spine. And I felt him put that rod right into my back. And I like hopped kind of up and I’m screaming. They put the medicine in and I don’t remember nothing else after that. The nurses came in, and they took me to the bathroom to take a shower. I’m just getting out of surgery, and it’s open wounds. It’s water from Mexico that’s hitting these open wounds. So, I didn’t wake up during my surgery, and I feel tugging, and they are in the middle of my tummy tuck. I thought to myself, what have I done? What have I done? (dramatic music)

33 thoughts on “Medical Tourism Victims Share Their Plastic Surgery Nightmares

  1. They shouldn't have gone through with the surgery when they saw the sight of the people and the condition of the place because I would change my mind

  2. You get what you pay for. If it's expensive then it is that way for a reason. If you want a doctor to play God with your body & make it perfect then you shouldn't pay the devil to make it a reality.

  3. I honestly don’t understand why everyone seems to be getting plastic surgery anymore. It’s like everyone has to feel or look perfect to fit into society these days. I had 3 children and I could use a little tuck myself but it all comes down to this and this is my opinion. I’d rather have my life and live it than to risk so much. I workout and do my best I can to feel the best I can. Nobody is perfect and I won’t stress myself or risk myself trying to be perfect or fit in. Some people do it to feel better about themselves but why not work around your flaws and be beautiful in your own skin. There is beauty in your strength. Believe in yourselves and you’ll find it.

  4. I don't feel bad for them. Get a real Doctor. They all knew the people in there weren't legit and the price they paid was unrealistic for what they wanted but they wanted the surgery so bad they didn't care..why complain now?

  5. Theres this controversy and Drs. In jail here in D.R cause of several women dying after getting plastic surgery.They've traveled from U.S to get cheaper procedures done and end up dead.Some Drs. have been prosecuted already and the places shut down + their "licenses" taken off.
    Fucked up world…

  6. Good afternoon, you have to be very careful with these surgeries you guys are beautiful young ladies you did not need to mess with your bodies anyway you didn't need that surgery in the first place so sorry about you guys mishap but those kind of surgeries are costly for a reason you will pay a price if you try taking short cuts not a good choice but we live and we learn for our mistakes ,much love to you all and take good care of yourselves.

  7. If you saw all the warning signs beforehand then it's your own stupidity to carry on with the procedures especially in a country like Mexico where they are known to have some malpractices. You need to do your research before going to any institution, that's your body and life your messing with, paying less isn't always necessarily the best.

  8. I am watching this show and LAUGHING at how STUPID these Mexican Women are.!!! These foolish cows go down to Mexico to get Cheap liposuction and whatever.. Stay in America, EAT HEALTHY NATURAL FOOD and WORK OUT HARD 3 Times a Week. Maybe this is the way nature separates the low IQ Morons from the Gene Pool

  9. Love yourself enough to not want plastic surgery. I can understand accident victims or violence victims wanting one. But why do perfectly normal people want to take such risks. Ok ur butt doesn't look like kim kardashians. So what? Hers looks fake n hideous anyway. Embrace yourself. U are perfectly normal with all your 'flaws'. Eat healthy, exercise and surround yourself with positive loving people. Find happiness in better things in life. Craziness nowadays everyone wanting to look like a plastic doll…

  10. I thought about going out to Tijuana to get a BBL when I was 18. I had enough money by the time I was 19 it was going to be about $6,000 for BBL and breast augmentation which is dirt cheap compared to what you would pay in the US. I'm glad I ended up not getting it done because at the time there weren't stories like this being shared because it wasn't a trend to share plastic surgery stories. I think back then it was more taboo. It's great how much more educated people can get with these stories and it's unfortunate that it happens. Truly, these stories are eye opening and I hope people think twice before they decide to have a life changing surgery like this. Health should always be above vanity.

  11. I'm glad they survived but, in all reality, I'm glad they weren't but they could've been sold or their organs harvested. Smh your life isn't worth giving up for a body that isn't yours. There are gyms, even earth to work out… don't believe the hype of ig stories…

  12. Okay. Let me clear this up for those who do not understand. Plastic surgery, for most women I've seen get it including myself, is for women who have had children. You cannot work off loose skin! And yes, there are doctors over seas who are not certified and are cheaper. But then you have the over seas doctors who are certified and cost less than u.s. doctors. HOWEVER, just because the surgery is cheaper, that doesn't mean you will only spend that much because you have to put out money for all of your supplies, insurance, round trip ticket and after care as well. The reason we choose over seas doctors is because they do a better job than u.s. doctors who want to charge you just as much money as you would pay to go over seas to look like a refrigerator. But any woman considering going over seas should always do their research before choosing a doctor. Just because you go over seas doesn't mean something bad is going to go wrong. There are some damn good doctors in the D.R. and Colombia. And there are plenty of plastic surgeons in America who have done botched surgeries or even had people die on their table or get infections. Its the risk you take. Men AND women.

  13. People need to have COMMON SENSE when it comes to any surgery!… Don’t be LAZY, do your research everywhere you can, on line, ask in forums for references, ask the doctor to send you his credentials and since this is public information in Mexico you can actually confirm if he is certified for the procedure you want to get. If the procedure in Mexico is a 1/4 of the cost versus the US ….Don’t get the cheapest!!… There are a GREAT certified doctors all over Mexico, save lives and make you look your best with surgeries everyday and cost and results are better than in the US, but if it’s too good to be true, it’s NOT TRUE. Trust your gut feeling… Don’t bargain with your health!!!!

  14. I can't understand why sensible person would think it was okay to get plastic surgery in Mexico. You're asking for disaster!

  15. It happens everywhere i got a blepharoplasty here in the U.S i did my reseach on this Dr and he seem like a good dr .Oh do i regret it? Yes I do he left a scare under my right eye with a bump its been more than a year and it wont go away. I guess i gotta say iam lucky i dint lose my eye sight..

  16. I had my first BA here in the USA he literally botched me so I got my tummy tuck nd breast lift in tj took a shower the next day my cut were covered with surgical tape im lucky I got no infection my scar healed up very well.

  17. if you have the body you do,if you dont you don't you dont..that's what you get for getting easily influence by stupid no talent people like the follow stupid people you get stupid results..exercise and love your body type lazy fucks..

  18. This is RIDICULOUS! Mexico has TONS of board certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons who are held to the same rigorous training and standards as any other plastic surgeon around the world. There are plastic surgeons who belong to societies such as the International Society of Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). Even some who go to the United States for their training. I would love for these women to come out and talk about their botched procedures and 9 times out of 10 was because of poor post-op self care. Plastic Surgery in Mexico is relatively cheaper but because they are made accessible to the Mexican public. Sounds like too many Plastic Surgeons are losing business to medical tourism. Hence, the reason behind this "Scare Tactic"

  19. Stupid ass bitches…. dumb bitches … 😂😂 fucking so stupid … living in the fantasy world … again stupid dumb bitches

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