hey guys what’s up and ask you one
question well the first thing that pops into your mind when I say Colombia is it
Pablo Escobar is in our Coast is a cocaine guerrillas paramilitaries
conflict as a small fraction of our past and he’s definitely our future and
whereas Colombians were very aware that all that negativity has shadow all the
beautiful and positive things we have to show to you because let me tell you
something Colombia is one of the most if not the most beautiful country of the
world the US everything you’re looking for everything the world is looking for
guys okay we have beaches we have islands we have deserts we have
mountains we have two oceans good food good weather good people some
multicultural in a multi-ethnic country some is a mega diverse country has
absolutely everything and affordable and the idea of these videos is to make you
fall in love and convince you to come here I’m Daniel and I’m the founder of
the endless adventure a tour company with the real purpose with the purpose
of transforming a perception you have of Colombia of convincing you to come of
immersing you into a beautiful culture that is rising from the ashes so join me
on this adventure on discovering the real Colombia welcome to our world mantain is so incredible so amazing so
mysterious that once you step your foot on it you immediately fall in love
there’s no other choice that’s how it is man Jean is like that book that
everybody got the spikes cover but once you read it once you open it it blows
your minds and it becomes your favorite book

2 thoughts on “MEDELLIN, πŸš€ The NEW HOTSPOT for TOURISM in the WORLD!! 🌎

  1. Finally some fantastic videos from a Colombian. It shows Daniel and the video footage on all of your videos could only be from a real Colombian who knows all of the sweet places to go! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your beautiful videos
    I'm Moroccan going to medillin soon really excited about the trip

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