McDonald’s Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger Review

100 thoughts on “McDonald’s Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger Review

  1. As a McDonalds crew member, I must say I was disappointed by this burger, It sounded so promising when I first heard about it. It is very slippery.

  2. gets two spots of sauce on his finger
    "This is a messy burger" lmao 😂 I wonder if he watches mukbang channels

  3. No wonder its mesdy and he didnt like it… can he taste anything with those little ass first two bites! Your first bite is the winning determination bite😂😂😂 #Cringe

  4. imo best burger i've ever tasted from mcdonalds (but i still can see myself getting tired of the taste after a bit), but just shows how people have different tastes

  5. Damn you go boy i love your reviews but i didn't know you were CNN famous right on

  6. Dude went on to describe the airplane on the box 😂😂😂😂😂 “probably wouldn’t be comfortable for the occupants on the flight” 😂😂😂😂 DUDE ITS A CARDBOARD BURGER BOX 😂😂😂😂

  7. Charred onions? The onions are the same onions from the quarter pounder. They are just normally sliced onions. I don’t see what “char” you could have tasted lol

  8. So one thing… It's in almost every video. I do declare that your fingernails need to be CLIPPED!!! For my insanity please do so. Thank you keep up the good work!

  9. this guy or little boy eats like a 3 year ol,d, little bitty bites like a baby.. what kind of a man is that? not a man at all that's what kind of man he is..

  10. That burger tasted disgusting, not sure why it had some fishy after taste and the beef wasn't even seasoned like AT ALL. Tasted like nothing but ocean fish goo imo

  11. To clarify, it's not REPRESENTING the country in any sort of cultural way, it's just a menu item from an international McD's. The menu items have significant differences country to country.

  12. I'm bummed they didn't put one of McDonalds Japan's burgers with fried egg on the menu. Also, speaking as a Canadian, I'm not sure how chicken sammy with tomato is representative. They could have done pancakes with maple syrup or something.

  13. I don't know where you're from, but mine was $6.11, they are not very consistent with their prices.

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  15. Yes. I fully agree, the burger is beyond messy. The taste was greasy and unpleasant. In fact, this burger grossed me out so bad, I didn’t eat fast food for 3 weeks. Very unenjoyable. 2 out of 10

  16. I tried one about a week ago. It fell apart as soon as I picked it up. It was a messy burger and I was not impressed.

  17. At first I wondered why you didn't like it, it looked like REALLY delicious. But then you mentioned the price, and I see it's not a double-quarter pounder in there, I can now understand, lol.

  18. You didn't review the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich with the international line up? I just had it and it is sooooo good!!!

  19. This vid is awesome! Love ur channel! Keep up the nice work!! No wait not nice work.. good work! Nah. Amazing work! No wait SPECTATOR Work! Love it all!

  20. Our lord is not pleased with his meal, and this travesty is unexcuseable. There will be reprocussions for this unimaginable failure to appease our savior. His countenance speaks of the unappetizing excuse of a meal they bestowed upon his grandeur, only to be an abomination to his appetite.

  21. Well son I’m eatting one as we watch n lemme tell u it’s pretty extreme lol these raw extreme onions n this extreme goooooda cheese

  22. I have one bite left I would buy it again in fact I’ve worked all dam day in this fl heat I’m going to get anotrher one right now! Lol seriously tho I am fuck it

  23. Just fount out its actully sent in from Spain Mc Donald’s n it’s grount horse meat man ! Fuck I ain’t going got another one now my knee grow ! Shuyyyyyyyt nikklerds!

  24. It’s not “country themed,” they’re items that are on the Mcdonald’s menu in those countries and not in America

  25. I’m sure someone already told you this but just in case they didn’t, these are actual menu items that were already sold in those countries prior to being released in McDonalds U.S.

  26. My appreciation of Reviewbrah has only deepened over time. I was briefly under the control of space Aliens and was taken to McDonalds, where I got this burger today. It seems like it was produced a little better than Reviewbrah's. Mine had an appropriate portion of Smoky McBacon sauce and the onions were just slightly cooked, not overdone. The taste of the Smoky McBacon sauce was weird, though. A little chipotle, a little bbq, a little liquid smoke, a little synthetic bacon, plus a slight aftertaste that wasn't pleasant. If the sandwich had been dry, or had conventional mayonnaise, it would have been better (Dijonnaise?). The beef patty was fine. Perhaps the sauce flavor was lost in translation from the Spanish origin, or perhaps the flavor is influenced by some flavor popular in Spain that tastes odd to an American palate.

  27. Oh what a slippery burger this is!Keeps on eating,sliding around pouring out .It's like a firehouse lmao😅😅,but he keeps eating it even though it's so flavorless.But the patty taste good.Your taste buds are more confused than the clothes you choose to wear,not to mention your haircut.Maybe you can get some of the grease oit of the remaining food to slick your hair back in the morning.

  28. Super relatable, it slides around everywhere! Too bad you weren't smart enough to know its not inspired by these countries but from their mc donalds

  29. I wish McDonald’s would allow feedback on this sandwich because it’s pretty gross. I took two bites and gagged. The sandwich was flaccid and nasty looking from the get go. I think all of their sandwiches are like that, I don’t know I don’t eat there.

  30. McDonalds worker here. The rest of the menu items were discontinued – but – at least at our place, we still have the Stroopwafel (we had a surplus). It's actually not bad.

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