Max & Ruby: Engineer Max/Max’s Toy Train/Max’s Train Ride – Ep.65

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] Max and Ruby… Ruby and her
little brother, Max… [♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] Train! You’re right,
that’s an amazing train. It’s a spectacular train! And I wish we could
look at it all day… …But I have some
important things to pick up in the
department store! And we’re going to help,
right Max? Huh…? [chuckling]
Max! Come on. [train sounds] Yup, it’s
a terrific train, isn’t it, Max? Want to take it for a spin? [gasps] [laughs]
All aboard, Max! He thought you’d never ask,
Mr. Huffington.[train whistle]Bye Max!
[giggling] [train whistle] [cheering] You’re a natural engineer,
Max! Welcome back! I’m glad you had a nice
ride, but it’s time to go now. Train… Maybe we can visit the train
on the way out. But First we have to help
Grandma with her shopping. That’s right. Now, I’ve got my list. And you know what
I need you to get, right Ruby? Oh yes. You need a big bow. Right! I’ll be on this
floor if you need me. Okay Grandma. Come on, Max. We have to go to
the second floor. [gasp]
Oh! Sorry! I just had to stop and look at this
beautiful dress! Ohh isn’t it gorgeous? Huh? You’re back! I have something we only give
to natural engineers. [gasp] How do you like that! [laughs] There you are! Ohh!
Nice Engineer’s hat! Train! Come on, Max. Thanks for the hat, Mr. H. You’re welcome! We have to go find
a big bow for Grandma. Hi, Mrs. Huffington. Hello, Ruby. Would you like to try our newest perfume
from Paris? It’s called Eau de Lapin! From Paris? Oh yes, please! Oooh. [coughs] That smells lovely! What does this
perfume smell like? Why don’t you try a spritz? [sniffs] Oooh, that smells
even lovelier! What do you think, Max? Huh? [giggles] I guess Max doesn’t
like perfume. I think he has train
on the brain today! Bye, Mrs. Huffington. Max! Train? Yes, I know you
love the train. But Grandma still needs us
to find a nice big bow. They sell bows on
the second floor. Hmmm… Now where is the Button
and Bow Department? Oh I see it!
This way! Max! Huh? [giggles] [laughs] The Button and Bow Department
is right over here. May I help you? We need to the most
beautiful bow you have. We’ve got all kinds. What colour did
you have in mind? [gasps] I love the pink one. You can never go
wrong with pink! Oh,
but it’s not for me.The green one
is nice too…
Look at that big red bow! It’s perfect! Don’t you think so, Max? Max? [sighs]
Try again Max. I’ll take the
red bow, please – and then I have to
get my little brother! Thank you!
Bye!Max!Where could Max be? Oh well, I guess
I’ll have to go back to the train
all by myself… [gasps] Train? Sure. Now that we’ve
got Grandma’s bow, we can go down
and wait for her at the train display. [gasps] Oh no. Did somebunny
buy the train? Yup. There’s a little bunny
who’s going to be very happy to find out he’s
getting this train. Train… Well, Max, at least we found
a beautiful bow for Grandma. Do you like it? It’s perfect, Ruby. And you know what to
do with it, don’t you? I sure do! Surprise!It’s for you, Max![gasps] [laughter] [train whistle] We wanted to surprise you. And I think we did! And now, you can ride home on your very own,
brand new … Train! [sounds of astonishment] [whistle sounds] Train! [train noises] Oh! All aboard! No thanks, Max. I don’t have time
for a train ride right now. And neither do you. Do you know why? We’re going for a
sleep-over at Grandma’s. Won’t that be fun? I’ll just get our backpacks and then we can pack
all the things we’ll need. [gasps]
Look at all these toys!I think you need to
put them away before we go.
Someone might trip on them.[bell dings] All aboard? Hmmm… [gasps]
I know! Let’s have a race! [sighs]I’llpack our bags whileyouput away your toys, and we’ll see who
can finish first! Okay? Go! Pink pyjamas
or mint green pyjamas? You can never go
wrong with pink. Now…
I need to pack a book. Hmmm… Perfect! Bunny Drew’s latest mystery: The Bunny who Knew Too Much! Now what else do I need? [gasps] Curly Shirley! I can’t go to a
sleep-over without her! Where are you Curly Shirley? Hmm… not here. Not here either. Where was the last
place I saw her? Oh! I know! We were having lunch
in the kitchen. I wonder how Max is
doing with his clean-up. [sighs]
Little brothers… [chuckles] Max?
Where did you go? I thought you were
cleaning up your…[train noises]All aboard! Oh there you are! You’re never going
to win the race if you just keep
playing with your train. Hello! Bonjour!
[squawks] Oh! Sorry! Hola! Bon Giorno!
Bon Giorno! Maybe you could
start by picking up your Hello World Macaw. [gasps]
Curly Shirley! Thanks for finding her, Max. It wouldn’t be a sleep-over
without Curly Shirley. Guten Tag! Namaste!
Namaste!Bon Giorno!
Bon Giorno!
[squawks] The race is still on. I’m almost finished
packing my bag. Then I just have
to pack yours. You’d better hurry! All aboard! Goodbye! Adios!
Au revoir! There. Now I know I’ll sleep well, with Curly Shirley
to keep me company. I’d better pack Max’s
Red Rubber Elephant. Thenhe’llhave someone
to keep him company, too. It’s not here… Hmmm… Or here… Ahah! It’s probably downstairs
with the rest of the mess! Max, while you’re
putting your toys away, look for your Red
Rubber Elephant so I can pack it, okay? All aboard! Toothbrushes to
make sure our teeth are nice and clean
before we go to bed.Hello! Bonjour!
I wonder if he found
his Red Rubber Elephant. Cali meda!
Cali meda! Aloha! Oh! All aboard! Good work, Max. But you’ve still
got a long way to go before all your
toys are put away. And I’m almost done! So I think I know who’s
going to win the race! [gasps] [animal noises] All aboard! All aboard! Max won’t wear anything
but his Super Bunny pyjamas. Oh! And he loves reading his Super Bunny comic
book before bed. There! He’s all packed
and ready to go! Max, I’m on my way. You’ve only got a
few more seconds or I’ll win the race![loud noises]Oh, Max… [noises continue] You’re still playing
with your train? Oh! I guess we can
call that a tie! You cleaned up all the
toys with your new train – by getting them… All aboard! Oh! Sorry Curly Shirley! It’s a good thing I have
this Curly Whirly Hair brush! It’s the only thing
that works on your curly hair. There. That’s a good start. We’re having a tea party
with Grandma today. It’s been a long time since we had a tea party
with all my dollies and I want it to
be really special. Perfect! Train ride! [sighs]ALERT! ALERT!AL..ERT!
AL ..ERRRT. AL…ERT. Train ride? ALERT! [slows and stops] [sighs] [gasps] [croaks] Train ride? [sighs] Now you’re ready
for our tea party. Oh!
Hi Max! You’re just the bunny I need. Train ride!I know you love your
fantastic new train,
but before you go
on a train ride, could you help me please?Grandma’s coming for an
extra special tea party
with me and my dollies. I want it to be a tea party like nobunny’s
ever had before!It would be a big helpif you could take my dolls
out to the tea party once they’re ready. Okay? Please, Max? [sighs]Thanks!Make sure she’s at
the head of the table.She likes it best there.Now, who’s next? Ah! Tooth Fairy! [gasps]
What have you been up to? [chuckles] Train ride? I don’t know how your crown
got so dirty. [exhales] But it’ll be all sparkly
by the time I’m done with it. There! Now you’re ready for our extra
special tea party! Oh!
Perfect timing, Max! I just finished getting
Tooth Fairy ready. Doesn’t she look beautiful? Tooth Fairy would
really appreciate it if you took her down to
be with Curly Shirley, wouldn’t you? Make sure she’s seated
right beside Curly Shirley. They’re best friends. Thanks Max! Now, who else
needs to get ready? A-ha! Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
let me comb your hair! [giggles] Train ride. Train ride! How did your hair
get so tangled? Have you been using it to let a charming prince
climb up your tower? [giggles] Train ride! There. Now you’re ready
for a tea party. Hmmm… I wonder where Max is? Oh well, I guess I’ll
have to take you myself. I can’t wait to
see all my dollies, looking so pretty all
around my tea party table. Hmm. Still no sign of Max. Well let’s get you
to the tea party! There you are! I thought you’d
forgotten about Rapunzel. Okay, why don’t
you take her out to the tea party table. If you see Grandma, tell her I’ll be down
in a few minutes. [whispers]
Train ride! [animal sounds] ALERT!
ALERT! Train ride! [croaks] Train ride? There. Now I’m ready too. I hope Grandma
hasn’t come yet! [humming happily] Ta da! Here I am,
ready for our… Wh-where’s my tea party? And where are my dollies? Max? What did you do
with all my dollies and my tea party? Train ride! Okay, I’ll go with you if it’ll help me
find my dollies. I hope they’re all okay. There you are, Ruby! We’ve been expecting you! You have? Come on in and have a look. My dollies! They’re all here – and so is my tea party! With a few extra guests. [croaks] I said I wanted
a tea party like nobunny’s
ever seen before. And it looks like you got it! But I never thought
I’d have a tea party where everybunny got a… Train ride! [train whistle]

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