Mass Tourism I heute-show

Travelling cheaper and more frequently is a worldwide trend with lots of consequences. On many weekends the no-frills airlines’ planes are full of party tourists. “If your mood happens to go down “fresh beer cans will fall from the ceiling.” Means like this might save lives. We can only be sorry for the inhabitants of popular travelling destinations such as Venice. This is our action to prevent people from pissing on the streets. “Don’t piss on the streets or we’ll film you and you’re on YouTube so that everybody can see how small your penis is.” Or: how big! It could be regarded as a chance, too. But enough of me: Another example is Amsterdam. You really don’t want to live there. 900 000 inhabitants face 18 000 000 tourists per year. And there’s Berlin with 13 000 000 tourists. Tourists penetrating cities where there is already a serious housing shortage start becoming an Airbnbiblical plague. Six authors have been working a week to create this play on words. For landlords, holiday flats are four times as profitable as normal flats. Furthermore, Airbnb’s commercials are really clever. They show the beautiful views their customers have. No stupid tourists, you are actually living in this city. That is so “urban”. Unfortunately, the reality looks different. Thanks to Airbnb, this is what I see when I’m looking out of my window.

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