Marvellous Mangroves // Mangrove Education – Sustainable Learning

We know the true value of mangroves
And so do these kids We know they live in salt water
so do these kids We know they are home to many species of birds
so do these kids We know they protect us against storms
so do these kids We know they filter pollutants
so do these kids And we know they are incredibly biodiverse
so do these kids How do they know? Over 2,500 teachers and more than 250,000
students in eleven countries have found out so far It’s called The Marvellous Mangrove Curriculum a great 300 page wetlands/environmental resource guide for both children and adults living in the tropics and subtropics. But it doesn’t just happen overnight. Every country, every location is different,
and by initially finding a well established local partner and setting up a working group
of educators, scientists, teachers and specialists, we can ensure that the curriculum is translated into the local language, adapted and illustrated to consider the local sciences – from biology to geology, and linked to national science, social studies and arts curriculum Once published, teachers are first taken through
the paces in a series of intensive workshops. This starts with an overview of mangroves
detailing everything from their functions, to the species that use them, as well as human
impacts. Hands-on science activities are used to support learning through exploration and
experiments as teachers gain knowledge about these incredible ecosystems. These activities
are sequential and completely integrated with national curricula. They include, properties of water and water quality mangroves and species adaptations related ecosystems storm protection human impacts on mangroves bioaccumulation eco-tourism restoration research applications and data collection,
and much much more Field trips then reinforce ideas and learning
in the field And the workshops conclude with vibrant presentations
from the teachers in the form of posters, poems and plays. Creating something tangible
that they can take back with them to their classrooms. Now it’s time to teach the students, with
even more fun and engaging hands on activities: all about water
birds and feathers examining mangroves from roots to leaves
pollution soup oil spill cleanup
microscopes and micro-organisms Mangrovia and costumes in Cayman Islands and
Australia And many field trips So, you wonder how schools in the tropics
are preparing their kids for the future? By connecting young people to their environment? Preparing the next generation of decision makers? Well, now you do Marvellous Mangroves – An award winning
curriculum from the Mangrove Action Project

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  1. Senang bisa menjadi bagian dari mangrover. Marvelous mangrove curriculum is very good. Special thanks to Martin Keeley…

  2. A new video by us – The Marvellous Mangrove Curriculum is an award winning 300 page wetlands/environmental resource guide for both children and adults living in the tropics and subtropics.

    #mangrove #education #environment

  3. Great program Me Keeley.I am trying to implement such program via community project name Inkubator Bakau or Mangrove Incubator to make use of mangrove as downstream product at the same time conserve and preserve mangrove forest in Malaysia. Support my program. #iammangrover

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