Martin Student News 9/13/19

I’m Briana, I’m Karen, and I’m Earl and you’re watching Martin Student News The SAT/PSAT prep class starts on Tuesday, September 17 in the Little Theatre The cost is $20, and you register for the class in Room 133 Hey, what’s VSA? That’s a good question. VSA is Vietnamese Student Association and we showcase our culture though many events Everyone is welcome, so you should join Come out to our meeting September 17 at Lunch Little Theatre Dues are $10 Shirts are $15 You can pay them at the meeting Hope to see y’all there Do you care about the environment? Do you want to keep the earth healthy? Do you like doing the right thing? Do you live on this planet? Do you breathe air? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then they Help Our Planet Earth club is right for you. When is our first meeting? Wednesday, September 18th during lunch. Where Right here in room 291. What do I bring? Just $15 for dues. Are you low key broke? Are you desperate for money? Are you scared of being homeless and alone and without a career? Do you want to go to college and don’t have any money? Well, then you should have it on over to the MHS counselor’s canvas to give the September scholarship bulletin Watch for your Martin faculty flag runners at the football games! Thank you Mr. Smith and Mr. McQuitty for doing a fantastic job running our flags at the Hebron game! Y’all are awesome!! Attention juniors and seniors Jostens will be on campus taking your class jewelry orders on Thursday, September 12th and Friday, September 13th during lunch in the Upper Gym Lobby. You will need your first payment of at least $75 and your order form to place your order. Remember you can print off your order form online to speed up the ordering process here at school. Hey guys, I’m Jose I used to go to school here but I graduated A few things I’d tell you is to make sure you keep your happiness on point You know the friends you start off right now might not be the same ones you end up with just make sure that you know You do what’s best for you And and also be nice to teachers, be nice to teachers best stuff that will get you a long way So yeah happiness is key. And yeah, have a good year My advice to freshmen. Um, stay in class Don’t be in the hallway dancing like me And keep up with your grades Be good Some advice I would give to some freshmen is Come in the school don’t like Jack around Freshman is probably most important year If you mess around, you have a lot of catching up to do in the following year So just make good grades, have fun, but always keep cool Always keep school the main focus Apply for your scholarships early All incoming freshmen. Don’t be scared to be yourself This week is National Suicide Prevention Week today We encourage you to really think about how you are doing Think of a fun memory that you have with somebody that you love So for meme day, I’m dressed up as three-hole punch Jim from the office What are you dressed up as Courtney? Joe? Joe Who Joe mama Stay Classy Martin™

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