Marriage and Spouse Visa in Japan

Everyone on Fabri and I’m Yuri today. We’ll talk about how we apply for the marriage in Japan and how we apply for the spouse visa After we decided to move to Japan after spending two years in Australia was quite challenge for us to understand how the process work To get married in Japan and to further apply for the spouse visa So we’re gonna share with you about our experience Hope we will help you so the first thing I have done is come here with a tourist visa valid for three months and Then we decide actually where to live in which city why because every CEO every town requirement different documentation And my embassy which is Italian embassy Also required different documentation from different countries, so it’s better for you also to check So in my case when I call the embassy they asked me first. Where do you want to get married first? I decide first in Japan so we went to the town hall where we live right now and ask them what kind of documentation we need to get married and they told us to provide four document which are konintodoke is marriage registration Application form second is kosekitouhon, is my family certificate and his passport and The last one is Koninyoukengubi-syoumeisyo Which is a document says his single in his country in the other words certificate of legal capacity to contract Marriage the last one the Koninyoukengubi-syoumeisyo is a little bit complicated to get know So yes, I totally agree with is the most difficult one but also the most important one We went to town hall we found this booklet and in the last page actually described that, every embassy has a different procedure in my case I’m from Italy So my procedure was to go on the Italian Embassy website and download this page fill it up can our passport and pay 800 yen and put everything in an envelope Sent to them and we wait around two weeks We wait two weeks and I got this documentation which says that I’m not married in Italy So in the end. We got this four document konintodoke and kosekitouhon and Koninyoukengubi-syoumeisyo and his passaport So and also Koninyoukengubi-syoumeisyo needs to be translated and we can also this one too so we went to the town hall to registration and finally, we got married Where is the ring? So now we got married in Japan but is not finish I also need get register in my country So I called the Italian embassy and then told me to provide 4 more documents, so one would be the marriage Registration certification and one will be the copy of our passport Third would be the new family certificate, which actually now I’m in her family okay, and The last one is a document which have to download online to the Italian embassy and say that a married with my wife yuri marriage certificate and Family certificate need to be apostille So which you need to ask? for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan so You need to contact with them. So get the website and downloading the application form so you feel up and Send it to foreign affair office in our case running out the time because only three months until his visa expires so He went to Osaka to do this He went to the office and get the documents with apostilled so I’ve to wait one day so I give them this 2 documents the marriage certification and a family certification I have to wait 24 hours, so I wait one day and then I went again to the minister of affair in Japan and I got this documentation, which was apostilled and then of this documentation bring to the Embassy of Italy and everything was done they give me documentation which actually say that I got married in Japan and I send the application my country so now yeah, we got married also in my country Okay, unfortunately, is not finish This is the finish of the marriage yes WHAT, your divorce me already!! This is the end of the process to get married Now we are married both of the countries Good so now we need to get I visa to stay in Japan so I need to go to the closest Immigration office in this case will be Fukuoka. I went the closest immigration office and they asked me 2 questions the first question was which visa you are right now and which I was touristt visa and the second question was about How many years you want to stay more in Japan? There was between one to four years and I choose four years but in the end depend they can give you one, two or three-four years But the immigration office give me a bunch of paper, which is all documentation to bring it home which I bring to my wife. You didn’t bring me the flowers, but documentation a Lot, Welcome to the wedding
What immigration office want for us? It was three pictures They show us our relationship we get picture from New Zealand and Sydney And Japan Photo ID we check and then I got to like the documentation to feel that I have no crime issue and my tax certificate and all also they give us a lot of like questions like a questionnaire and Which we need to write it down how we met like how we communicate each other like a lot of like a private stuff our parents knows our marriage right, and if we had Weddings reception. Oh Yeah, so yeah, that’s so many actually fake marriage here in Japan so it’s very normal they ask you this We fill up every document. So again, we got three pictures for the relationship We got the photo ID and then we got this documentation to fill like a that say our relationship is true, then we got her employee and the tax and Salary how much she makes
yes, detail of my work
after that I feel up everything I went to Fukuoka immigration again, I give this document they give me a card which they say Come back in two weeks Once you get response for us from us so off the two weeks. I got a response It’s like a small letter, which says, okay now you can come back to the immigration office we decided the result so told me to bring my passport and To pay for the visa, which actually it was 4000 yen So I went to the immigration office. I paid 4,000 yen. I went with my passport got the resident card So, yeah, it’s for one year my visa is for one year after one year I have to come back to renew but three months before Expired. So that’s all the procedure. It was quite complicated. Yeah I hope guys you understand and I hope this was very helpful for you because For us was really a headache if you guys have any question, please just come below we try to give you a hand Thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next time. Ciao can we do it today?

11 thoughts on “Marriage and Spouse Visa in Japan

  1. Hello, congratulations on your marriage! I can imagine how happy you are, since i'm applying for the same visa next month. I would like to ask some questions if you don't mind.
    – From what I read on the Immigration website, one should apply for a COE first before having the visa issued, and it takes from 1 to up to 3 months, but in your case it took 2 weeks as you said. How is that possible?
    I've been already twice to Japan to marry at the city hall and then to get the marriage recognised in my country embassy (portugal) so next step will be applying for the visa. I would really save a lot of time and struggle if I could get it in 2 weeks…

    Cheers for the new half couple!

  2. Thank you for making this video. I’m an American planning to go through this process sometime this year. Appreciate the information!

  3. Complicated? you should try to get the visa in uk hahaha.. its is 20 times more expensive and 20 times more complicated.. this seems such simple process compared to uk.

  4. Hi. My Japanese husband and I just got married this May 2019. We are thinking if is it easy or difficult to get spouse visa? Requirements are not a problem but I guess about interviewer or immigration officer's decision has power to decide about it in any way. Please message me what options are there if spouse visa get denied. Or if Immigration is not that strict anymore. Thanks

  5. Hello guys
    I'm Arminder Singh form India I want study in Japan and I'm married pls tell me details spouse visa

  6. Congratulations for your marriage.
    I have also Japanese girlfriend and we decided to married in this year . So can you please tell me what kind of documents I need for spouse visa !!!

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