Marijuana Minors

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  1. Bless her and may she live a healthy prosperous life. I bet watching cartoons are on another level for her…

  2. Don't you think that: the use of “THC” (which – is a very dangerous sub-stance: due to a high psycho-activity) – wasn't necessary, – but: the care-givers (possibly) referred to an “old” publication: of 1998 (made in Spain: by Cristina Sanchez), – when “CBD” (a non–psycho-active sub-stance, from cannabis: with a healing potential) wasn't studied enough? … The main difference (between “CBD” & “THC”) – is in their physical structure (and [as isomers] – they have a same set [by number & type] of atoms, in molecules). Also:
    1. On “Wikipedia” – the following is said (about “CBD”): «Under acidic conditions it cyclizes to “THC”, which also occurs during pyrolysis (smoking)». So: if it isn't stored well (or – is being smoked), – it can lose its medical benefits: becoming psycho-active (and – [maybe] neuro-toxic);
    2. The insects – avoid “THC”; so: shouldn't we, too?

  3. Some kid – "cancer is bad"
    Other kid – "weed is bad"
    Stoner – "how can I get weed?"
    Me – gets cancer from the sun so I can get weed

  4. She looks like a boy………
    And acts like a boy
    Sounds like one too………
    Maybe it because she high

  5. there arent any english subtitles but theres french subtitles thank god i'm fluent in french


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  7. way 😡 these kids may suffer personality disorders,be mentally unstable! ..possibly become psychotic! ..and society may have to deal with it 🤔

  8. Even if the cannabis doesn't work it makes you happy and being happy means dopamine is being released to the brain, dopamine fights cancer, so yeah… it works either way.

  9. I have generalize controlled epelepsy an when i used to smoke thc oil , or wax or, rosin it would increase my seizures throughout the day i would have 3 seizures , it's not "SAFE" THE only thing i can smoke is marijuana no alcohol no rosin or anything, but everyone reacts to it different i have no electricity flowing in the left side of my brain.. Thc is more of a risk then flower..

  10. The oil is black because of the plant matter in it..The alcohol will break down the chlorophyll if in contact with the material for too long and in turn the oil turns black..If you want to extract this way it must be a quick wash method.

  11. I have a toddler with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Her muscle stiffness is the main issue now. Her sleep and mood can be affected at times. The doctors tell me she needs to be taking her muscle relaxer Baclofen. I do not want to keep giving her so much of it for obvious reasons. The CBD around Texas is not the best and I want some THC combined with a dosage of CBD. It has to be in oil form. Since medical marijuana is only legal for Epilepsy patients my daughter does not qualify for the FDA approved THC drug. I want to drive to a state where it is legal so I can purchase quality CBD/THC. However, I don't know how I will get since I dont have a medical marijuana card and I would be a out of towner. I continue to look for quality CBD in Texas until I can get my hands on quality product for my daughter. It is so hard watching my toddler in pain from her CP. If you know any despenceray or doctor that could help, please send me information. I would be grateful forever.

  12. i have no issue with marijuana but for kids they should only use CBD i dont see why she has to use THC especially because it can stunt brain development in some cases

  13. Imagine if med weeed wasnt legal in that state and one dad the dad is sneeking weed from another state and the police catch him in a police car chase thinking he is a PLUG #amSOfuckinHigh

  14. marijuana is a sacred plant, demonized by the system because it brings man closer to the I and perhaps to GOD

  15. Wow!! This is AMAZING. My dad had kidney and throat an had 6 months to live then he did 15 of 35 chemotherapy treatments and when he went back the doctors dropped their jaws in shock sayin in all the years of practice they had never seen anytging like it an he smokes ALOT so did my Aunt with breast cancer when she got so bad her hair come out an she was VERY sick now she still lives in Cali and still smokes an is cancer free as well. I've smoke since I was 13 an will till I die.

  16. Anybody who would rather see a child slowly die away than give them marijuana is sick. I live in California where we grow half of the nation's weed. More and more people are finding that the marijuana receptors are ancient and part of our fundamental DNA. People have been using cannabis for hundreds of thousands of years all over the globe.

  17. I tried a hemp-infused drink yesterday and I was somewhat stoned because I felt really happy but tired at the same time and I plan on using it for my healing which I’m recovering from narcissistic abuse and to handle my problems.

  18. Damn now I'm glad I smoke weed bc I ain't know that shit can help u know it sucks havin cancer I would know

  19. She have to be the happiest girl in the world a gift from God that actually heals you everyday 420 God bless her

  20. You like weed. Please like this and sign it

  21. I wish I could swap my Zoloft ( for bipolar/anxiety) for medical grade marijuana, I’m 14 and live in a illegal state and have smoked for my anxiety and it worked way better than any pill I’ve ever had

  22. Just HORRIBLE how this Child Is acting & Talking About Marijuana at her Age….i Understand its helping her…But fuk Her Parents are teaching her shit she shouldn't be knowing just yet n acting like a STONER

  23. When the guy was reading the weed story book to that girl I really felt that. This video really gives me hope for a society without prohibition

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