Mandıra Filozofu İstanbul | Full Film

“This film is based on a true story. However… Everyone has a different truth. The truth of the mouse is to be eaten,
the truth of the cat is to eat!” “MinT Cinema Presents” Mom. Mom? Mom, we have to go to Istanbul.
Mom. I turn away from the cursed devil
and seek refuge in God. Is it an earthquake?
What is it? Oh, it’s you.
God, you are killing me. You scared the hell out of me!
What are you doing here at this hour? Did something happen? Mommy, come on.
We’re going to Istanbul. Where did that come from?
What are we going to do in Istanbul? Oh, boy… What are we going to do in Istanbul?
-I’ll tell you on the way. Come on, get dressed.
Come on. The Dairy Philosopher
Istanbul No, realtor. You don’t need to.
Don’t come all the way to Istanbul. Drop us off at Milas Station,
we can go from there. Don’t look at me.
I won’t come with you. Drop me off here and go.
Don’t leave me in Milas Station. No, I’ve got things to do in Istanbul.
I’m coming too. What could you possibly do
in Istanbul? You don’t move a finger without
looking out for your own interests. What are you up to now? Don’t say that. I love Cumhur.
I respect him dearly. I’ll get off. Son, drop me off.
Tell him to drop me off. Mommy, I’m telling you.
We must go to Istanbul. They say my father is on his deathbed. Let’s go and
write off each other’s debts. Let him give you his blessings
and you give him yours. No, I don’t want any closure, son. You go and have closure on your own.
I don’t care if he dies. For God’s sake!
-Don’t say that. Are you going to let that English woman
do whatever she wants? What? English woman?
Mustafa Ali, drop me off. Drop me off. I’m not going anywhere, drop me off.
-Mom, please. Basri is kidding. It’s a joke. Look, realtor. If you make
a joke like that ever again,… …if you speak about that English woman
ever again,… …I swear to God, I’ll get off.
-Oh, let’s see if I’m going to stop. I’ll get off even if you stop or not. I can get off. I can. Mustafa Ali, are there any
English traditions about closure? What are you talking about? Well, maybe that woman came to Istanbul
seeking closure with her husband. -What woman?
-Don’t make me say it. You’ll get upset, you’ll get nervous.
I mean that woman, you know. -The English woman?
-I didn’t say anything. You said it. -What is she doing in Istanbul?
-Her husband is in intensive care. Maybe she’ll want to see him.
She’ll want to say goodbye. Maybe that’s why she’s there.
-I’ll get off. Mom, stop. What are you doing?
Close the door. I don’t want to go to Istanbul.
I don’t want to see your jackass father. I don’t want to see that English woman.
-Mommy, stop. Don’t. -Let me out!
-Oh, please don’t! Close the door. Mustafa Ali, she’s faking it.
How can she get off if I don’t stop? Oh, a hole! -Help!
-Oh, God! -What have you done?
-I’m holding your mother by the waist! You hold the wheel,
I’m holding your mother! I’m holding the wheel,
you hit the brakes! Basri, hit the brakes!
-How? I can’t reach it! -Help! Anybody? Help!
-Pull the handbrake! -Where is it?
-Let go of me! Shame on you! Please don’t say that.
I’m not doing anything of that sort. -Get me out of here!
-Where is the gearstick? In the gear box. I can’t pull
the handbrake! Lift your butt! Lift your butt! Your butt is in my mouth!
Lower it a little bit! Lower your butt!
Basri, lower your butt! I’m pulling it. Get your hands off of me!
You filthy realtor! What? It’s not like I held you for
pleasure. I held you to protect you. Rest assured,
I’m like a son to you. God damn you!
I was going to die because of you! You know what? It was just like an
amusement park ride. At some point, I was so scared
that I almost peed my pants. I might have let a few drops go.
I don’t know. Mustafa Ali, drop me off.
I don’t want to go to Istanbul. And I don’t want to say goodbye
to your jackass father. If I go to Istanbul,
I’ll either become a murderer,… …or end up in a prison or a hospital. -I’ll be right back, Mustafa Ali.
-Mom. Yes. People regret two types of things: The things they have done
and the things they couldn’t do. If we regret something we’ve done,
that regret fades over time. But if we regret something
we couldn’t do,… …that regret never leaves us,
even on our death bed. We become ridden with it. Mustafa Ali.
I’ll ask you something. Do you think your father felt regret
for what he’s done? I think he did, mom.
I think dad has regrets. Maybe you’ll regret it later
if you say goodbye to dad. And if you do, that regret will fade. But if you don’t say goodbye
and regret it afterwards,… …and if he dies,
that regret of yours… Okay. Cut it out. I got it. Complete sentences are for dumb people. A minibus is coming. Shall I stop it?
Are you going back to Cokertme? And it’s going to Cokertme. Don’t be all happy that I got in your
car. I’m coming to Istanbul,… …but if I see that English woman
at the hospital,… …I am going to pull her by the hair
and give her a good beating. If I don’t, don’t call me Gulfidan.
I’ll totally kill that woman! Please, mom.
It was so many years ago. I don’t care how many years have passed.
Mustafa Ali, could I forget that? They turned my rose garden into ashes.
They caused me so much misery. I’ll never forget that! Hello? Sukran?
We’re on our way. We’re almost there. I’ll take care of that thing you asked
as soon as we arrive. But wait.
First, I’ll scalp that English woman, …then I’ll take care of your business. Of course I will! I gave you my word.
Don’t you know me? I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.
I’ll call you later. Okay. Kisses. Bye. Bye.
Kisses. Bye. Bye. Oh, dear Lord.
Four seasons in one day! Look how bad it’s pouring.
It made me feel like peeing. -For God’s sake.
-I wasn’t going to say that, sorry. “Restrooms Inside” Where are you going? Wait. Where can I find it?
I have to pee. The restroom… Release this door! What is this now?
joke? Is it a joke? If you keep me waiting here
a little longer,… …I’ll drop a nice joke
in the middle of the store. Open it! Open!
I said open it! Whoa!
See the technology? We get in, it senses us
and turns the lights on. Wow! Mustafa Ali.
Does it fit? Check it. -Man…
-Just kidding. And you bought it! God damn you. Mustafa Ali!
This light went off again! Of course it will.
You stopped moving. If you want the lights on,
you have to move it! That’s the modern world. If you surrender to it,
it makes you dance while taking a dump. See, Mustafa Ali? Your father will cause a catfight
even when he’s lying in his deathbed. Mustafa Ali, you should have seen him
when he was young! He was very tall and very handsome. Somewhere between
6 feet and 5 feet 4. 5 feet 4 may seem short to you,
but it’s tall for me. That’s what I say. Your father had a ketch.
He was a yachtsman, you know? All the women were crazy for him.
Oh, boy… You should have seen it.
Then… Your mom was all over him.
Mustafa Ali, you wouldn’t believe it! He used to show the tourists around.
That English woman was also a tourist. She became obsessed with him.
She didn’t let him go. It wasn’t your father’s fault, you know?
Really. It’s all that woman’s fault.
She went after him. Can you blame her? He had the charm,
he had the looks, the sex appeal. What else could happen?
For God’s sake, is it a crime? I’m telling you,
I was nothing like your father. We came here from the moorland.
We wandered through the deserted moors. I don’t know, we thought
we could change our lives. But we couldn’t.
We busted our ass, but we couldn’t. Sorry, sorry.
Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean it that way.
Anyways. But one day, I’ll make it,
Mustafa Ali. I don’t know, it could be in Bodrum.
Or Istanbul. Or London. One day, I surely will.
Let me tell you this: Your father was a great man.
Such a great man… What happened?
Mustafa Ali, why won’t you talk? You went silent once I started telling
you about your womanizing father. Mister Dairy Philosopher!
What happened to you? “Please Keep Clean” That’s it, Mustafa… Hello. May God accept it. How long have you been here? How much of it have you heard?
Did you hear about that thing? My stomach is upset.
God damn it. The man in the stall next to me
was the one talking. He must have an upset stomach! Run for your lives. Boy! Since my last visit to Istanbul,
the buildings have become so high. What happened to these buildings?
Oh, I’m scared. In thousands of years,… …when archaeologists
find those buildings,… …they will think a primitive society
lived in Anatolia before the war. Let me tell you something: Mustafa Ali, Istanbul is so big now
that nobody can beat it. Maybe we can’t, but we can fight.
Nazim Hikmet wrote: “It’s not about being captured.
It’s about not surrendering.” Unfortunately, he’s not responsive.
He’s been in the ICU for a while. He’s stable. We’re checking up on him.
And he’s taking regular medication. -Can we see my father now?
-You can. But it shouldn’t take
longer than five minutes. -Doctor.
-Yes. Is that English woman in the ICU? -Excuse me?
-It’s okay, doctor. Nevermind. If you don’t have any other questions,
I have patients to check up on. Dear Mister Doctor, I have a question. -Yes.
-Where can I charge my phone battery? The nurse will take you to the ICU. Please don’t take more than 5 minutes.
I hope he recovers soon. -Thank you.
-Follow me. -Come on.
-I’ll tell you one thing: If that woman is there, she’s mine. You won’t lay a hand on her.
I’ll take care of her. Okay, mom. Come on.
The nurse is gone. Come on. I hope you’ll recover soon. God bless his soul.
He looks like he’s going to die. Here’s your patient. Oh, boy!
-What happened? Captain Cumhur and that English woman
are making out. -Get out of my way!
-Just kidding. God damn you. Come in, mom. There’s no one else.
Just my dad. Dad?
Dad, are you okay? Dad, do something if you hear me.
-Mustafa Ali, Mustafa Ali. Wait a minute.
Captain Cumhur, how are you? Cumhur, your land is so valuable now.
It’s 500 dollars per square meter. Realtor, what are you doing? I wanted to see if he would react. -Come on, mom, come. Come.
-No, son. I won’t. Let him rot.
-Come and say goodbye. I won’t.
I won’t say goodbye. He can say goodbye to the English.
-But don’t you remember? We came here for closure.
-No, I changed my mind. I won’t say goodbye.
-Mom, please don’t be stubborn. -Don’t insist.
-Come on mom, come. Look, I posted your picture online.
You know what the caption reads? I wrote “Captain Cumhur is
on his deathbed”. 28 people liked it. Oh, I like it a lot. It’s so good. Mister Cumhur. You came into this world
as a jerk, and you’ll leave like one. The English woman left you.
You have tubes attached all over you. You’re all alone. Dad opened his eyes. Mom, he’s looking at you.
-No, son. He wouldn’t look at me. He must be looking at the English woman.
-He’s looking at you. Come and see. What is it, Cumhur? Can’t you talk?
Of course, you have nothing to say. Of course, you’ll stay silent. Don’t you roll your eyes,
or I’ll scratch them out! I hold the aces. Did they also
stick those tubes up your butt? I’ll tell them so they can put wider
ones the next time. You deserve it. Doctor, the patient has responded! -His blood pressure is high.
-With the name of God. This is good.
He had been unresponsive for days. -Seeing you helped him.
-No way. Not me. It hasn’t been that way for
years. It must be the English woman. Mom, dad has recovered, thanks to you. Do these tubes really go
where you said? I don’t know about it, but… …God knows what other places
they will go in the afterlife. -Will the visitors please leave?
-Here. Here.
-Come on. -Doctor, where is that English woman?
-Excuse me, who? -Nevermind. I can take care of it.
-Come on. Mister Cumhur,
where is that English woman? She’s not by your side.
She’s gone. Gulfidan is the best. Look, it’s Gulfidan who is here. You didn’t appreciate her. You’re going to make him worse. We have seen positive progress
in our patient. Let’s not accept any other visitors
today. He should not get excited. We’re going to run some tests. Maybe we can transfer him
to a regular room tomorrow. You don’t need to wait. We won’t accept
visitors until tomorrow morning. I hope he recovers soon. Mustafa Ali? -Hilmi?
-Dude! -What brought you here?
-I got here as soon as I heard. We had no idea
until Necdet posted it online. Is your father alright?
-That jerk is perfectly fine. -How are you, mother Gulfidan?
-I got old now. My feet hurt.
I’m doing okay, I guess. -No. You’re solid as a rock.
-Mustafa Ali, won’t you introduce us? -Hilmi is my friend from college.
-Friend? We were closer than brothers.
-Nice to meet you. Here’s my card. -How are you?
-Not bad. -What? Is there a problem?
-Nevermind, Ali. Let me see Cumhur. Come on. Why would you want to see him?
He’s beat. He’s in the ICU.
No visitors are allowed. We could hardly see him.
-What are you going to do? Let’s go to our place. Stay with us.
There’s much to talk about. I’d better stay here tonight. He’s in ICU.
They might need something. -Sir, we can come.
-Where are you going, crazy realtor? We promised Sukran.
We’re going to go to Halil Ibrahim. -Halil Ibrahim?
-A relative’s son from our village. He came to Istanbul for college.
It’s been three years. He neither visits his hometown
nor calls his parents for three years. So, dinner tomorrow night.
Don’t say “no”, okay? -Oh, please don’t bother.
-Don’t turn me down. No trouble, we’ll be there.
We’ll be there, don’t worry. Of course we will.
How could a dinner cause trouble? -Right?
-Okay, see you tomorrow night. Send my best to the bride, okay? -Hello.
-Hello, could you see your father? We did, but… …I think I’d better stay with him
as an attendant tonight. Unfortunately, we cannot accept
attendants in the ICU. I mean…
He might be in need of something. Is there a waiting room here? As you wish, but someone has already
been taking care of Mr. Cumhur. -Oh, yeah? Who?
-Ms. Elizabeth. You can find her in the cafeteria.
-Oh, God. Anyways, have a nice day.
-Have a nice day. Who is this Elizabeth? Someone my mom must not see. “Sukran Calling” -Hello, Sukran.
-Gulfidan, did you go there? We will.
I told you we will. We will go there for sure.
Don’t worry. I’ll find him. For God’s sake, please find him. Tell him to call me. I haven’t heard
his voice for three years. My son was such an innocent boy.
He was all quiet. He must have become a mess
here in this foreign land. God knows what happened to him
in Istanbul. Is he dead? Is he alive?
Is he ill? Is he okay? Kiss him for me, Gulfidan.
Smell him. No way.
Oh, God! Aunt Gulfidan! Oh, God! Aunt Gulfidan!
What am I going to do? -Who is it?
-My aunt. And the realtor Basri. -Son, have a nice day.
-You too. -Is this Halil Ibrahim’s place?
-Yes, it is. -Who is Halil Ibrahim?
-Get inside, I’m coming. -Is Halil Ibrahim home?
-It’s me, auntie. He said “auntie”. Are you okay?
Are you really Halil Ibrahim? -Yes, it’s me, auntie.
-He said “auntie”. You’re Halil Ibrahim, son of Huseyin? -Yes, Basri. It’s me.
-He said “Basri”. You’re Halil Ibrahim, son of Huseyin? -Yes, aunt Gulfidan.
-He said “aunt Gulfidan”. -Who am I?
-Basri. -He said “Basri”.
-He said “Basri”. That’s him. Get in.
-Let’s have a look at him. Get out of the way.
Let’s check up on you inside. Nice view.
-How can it be nice? It’s under the ground.
Like a graveyard. Nice, very nice. -So, you’re Halil Ibrahim.
-Yes. -What’s with the earrings?
-What’s with the hair? What are these?
God damn you. You have tattoos all over you.
Like those Istanbul snobs. What’s all this?
-What’s with the beard? What’s with these clothes? Look at your parents and look at you! Remember, years ago,
I told you, “I’ll go to Istanbul”. Of course I remember.
We talked about it a lot. -I said “I’ll get lost in the sea”.
-Yes. I said “I’ll either win or lose”.
That’s what happened. What do you think about the new square?
-I cannot see a square here. The kids used to ask
“daddy, how did you and mom meet”. I said “come on, let’s go” on a Sunday. “I’ll take you to the place
where I met your mother.” You know, like in that TV show,
“How I Met Your Mother”. We came to Taksim.
We started walking from the square. -Just the kids and you?
-No, Ozlem was with us. We came as a family.
I wanted to have a family day and… -And what?
-You name it. To refresh the memories and our love.
Anyways. We used to go to the cinema with Ozlem. Then, we used to eat cream puffs. And we’d have drinks
if we had any money left. Some Sundays, we used to have breakfast
in Gezi Park with bagels and cheese. My intention was to do the same
with the kids after 15 years. But… -But what?
-It was a complete disaster. The theater, the bakery, the bar…
They were all shut down. They were all closed.
We had no idea. I said “let’s go to Gezi Park”.
They said “the park is closed”. How can a park be closed?
I couldn’t explain it to the kids. As if you understood it yourself! If Damat Ferit Pasha
rose from his grave,… …he could find lots of places
similar to what he had in mind. But you cannot show the places
from 15 years ago to your kids. True.
Why does this happen? Because the personal history of a place
is worthless in this system. -Is money everything?
-Are you really asking me this? The name of the system is “capitalism”.
What is a capital? It’s funds. What are funds? Money.
Capitalism, it’s money. And you’re asking me
“is money everything”. -Don’t tell me about money!
-I said nothing. You said it. You know, I’m against money.
-I’m not against money. But I think money is against me. So, they fired you,
and you’re unemployed, right? -Yes, exactly.
-Am I getting this right? You got fired
because you couldn’t meet the target. -Yes, that is in our contract.
-What can I say? I’m sorry. Some companies are so cruel. If you can’t meet your sales target,
they fire you. And that target is such a pain. It goes up and up every year. I’ve been
meeting the targets for 12 years! As I kept on meeting them, they
set the next targets higher and higher. I met one, they set a higher one.
I met one, they set a higher one. Then, one day I couldn’t meet it. I got fired. I don’t know what to say.
I’m sorry. The kids don’t know about it yet.
I couldn’t tell them. How could I? I couldn’t even tell Ozlem at first. I’m leaving home every morning
as if I am going to work. I’m sitting in parks until the evening. Sometimes, I go fishing.
Sometimes, I sell the fish I caught. After the kids come home from school,
I go home as if I’m coming from work. So, the kid’s don’t know it,
but your wife does. Yes, she knows.
Only the kids don’t. You’re not a stranger to us,
Mustafa Ali. It’s really bad. I have to pay the mortgage.
And there’s the school expenses. We had just bought a new car.
I’m also paying debts for it. -What are you going to do?
-I don’t know. I can’t stay here.
I’ll go back to my town. -Do you want to go back?
-Of course not. Who would want to go back as a loser? -So, don’t.
-It’s not that easy, Mustafa Ali. It is.
Istanbul is not as strong as it seems. You can win if you know how to fight it.
-How? Remember this: A fighter doesn’t lose when he falls.
He loses when he can’t get up. -Okay, but how will I get up?
-Don’t rush it. Let’s enjoy
this beautiful Istanbul view first. Then, we can beat Istanbul together. -Can we?
-We can. Mustafa, won’t you ever change?
You always live in a dream world. Let me tell you something:
I wish we always lived in a dream world. I had dreams too, Mustafa Ali.
But I was disappointed. You see the Bosphorus?
That’s where my dreams drowned. You are a fisherman, you know it:
Swimming against the waves is hard. And I am always upwind.
-Do you know how planes fly? -How?
-They can fly because of the headwind. That wind blows right across
and gets under the plane. It lifts that giant mass like a bird. The pilot only pulls the lever. The
plane doesn’t take off if he doesn’t. That wind can either lift you up
or make you drown. All in all, it’s all up to you. It’s all up to you. -So, you’re living in this cave.
-Yes. -Come here.
-Yes? Why don’t you go to your village? -What is that?
-Holiday village, darling. -Who is she?
-My friend. -Are you going to marry her?
-No way, auntie. We’re friends. If you won’t marry her,
why are you wasting her time? Look at me. Did you dishonor this girl?
-No. Come here.
Come close, I’ll ask you something. Which one is your girlfriend?
The blonde one? -I’m a dude!
-Oh, no! Who made that sound?
-Did that one speak? Oh, look at the beauty of this city!
Istanbul, you’re so beautiful! Tell me about it. You can’t even see the beauty
of this gorgeous city, right? I can’t.
I guess it’s not that easy. -It is.
-How? This life wants to devour you.
You need to resist. If you want to experience the beauty
of Istanbul, you need to be free. Only free people like me
can enjoy this city. -How can I be free?
-You will be, don’t worry. What did the famous philosopher say?
“We’ll figure it out.” You’re hilarious.
Oh, God! I know,
the things you say won’t be of any use. But it helps.
You made me feel better. It’s okay then, the rest is easy.
We’ll figure it out. Why don’t you ever call your mother? Halil Ibrahim, dear,
why don’t you visit your hometown? Why don’t you visit your parents?
Why are you doing this? Here, I dialed.
Talk to your mother. -Hello, mom?
-My dear. My lovely son. How are you? Are you okay?
-I’m fine, mom. Don’t worry. Yes, I eat well. We cook ourselves.
-Oh, my dear son. Okay, mom. Don’t worry.
Mom, I’ll call you tomorrow morning. We’ll talk more, okay?
-Okay, my dear son. I heard your voice, that is enough.
-See you. Why did you hang up? I’ll call her tomorrow, auntie.
It’ll be better. You know what will happen
if you don’t. Let’s see.
Once Mustafa Ali comes tomorrow,… …you’ll see what he’ll do to you.
You’re dead. Mustafa Ali will talk some sense
into you. Don’t worry. He can say such crazy things that… …enter your ear,
wander through your brain and… …pass by the cerebellum
and burst out of your mouth. And if you deserve it,
it’s much worse. What’s with the cat?
Do you eat it when you get hungry? What fish would you like? Dude, bring me the
cheapest fish you have, please. Wait, wait a minute.
We’re not dead yet. It’s not about the money.
The tastiest fish is the cheapest one. Am I wrong, dude? Right. Fish from the ice house
are more expensive. Dude, don’t tell me about the ice house.
I’m against ice houses and freezers. Just bring me your cheapest fish,
please. Why are you against
ice houses and freezers? Because freezers are
the worst invention of mankind. They make you buy more than you need. Fishermen catch more than they need,
just because freezers exist. The fish which are supposed to be
in the sea are stored in the freezer. But if we eat them in season,… …they would be cheaper,
healthier and tastier. But you buy it when it’s cheap
and you store it. The modern world is selling you freezers
worth thousands of liras,… …so that you can buy fish
for a few liras less. Then you hear people
talking at the table: “The fish, the tomatoes
are not the same anymore.” If you want to eat tomatoes in February,
of course it would be tasteless. Wait for May and the tomatoes
would be nice and tasty again. But the system focuses on selling
so much that it never waits for season. Greenhouses, freezers and stuff… They want to sell everything
all the time. -Just like our company.
-What was the name of this company? Tell me. -The company I worked at?
-Yes. -What are you going to do?
-Tell me. -Nevermind.
-Just tell me. -What are you going to do?
-For God’s sake, tell me. -Oh, boy.
-Just tell me. -Hello.
-Hello. Where are you coming from? I’m coming from home.
Actually, from the hospital. My dad is in the hospital. I wanted to
stay overnight, but they didn’t let me. There was something like
a waiting room. I slept there. I have a friend called Hilmi.
He’s a friend from school. He insisted that I stayed with them.
I said “we wouldn’t want to bother you”. I slept on the couch, at the hospital.
That’s where I came from. It says here, “from which company”.
What should I write? -Who are you going to see?
-I’m here for a job application. -You should go to Human Resources.
-Then, I’ll go to Human Resources. -Do you have any work experience?
-Do I need any? -Can we hire inexperienced people?
-If you don’t hire the inexperienced,… …how could the inexperienced
become experienced? Did our prime ministers have experience
in being prime ministers? Demirel, Ecevit, Erbakan,
Turgut Ozal, Mesut Yilmaz,… …Tansu Ciller, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
Ahmet Davutoglu. None of them had any experience
in being prime ministers. -How can we make use of you?
-I can prepare tea and coffee. I can mop the floors.
And I don’t want any money. -You don’t want money?
-I don’t. A hot meal would be enough. Interesting. This is the first time I’ve
seen someone ask for a job without pay. I don’t want money.
I’m against money. -You are against money?
-Yes. -What was your name again?
-Mustafa Ali. My friends call me “red blooded”.
Because I brew tea so good. We have to perform a search about you.
Who are you, what is your purpose? My purpose is to complete my 90 minutes
and go with the final whistle. -Go where?
-To the otherside. -To where?
-The afterlife. -Leave your number, we can call you.
-Aye aye. I would if I had one, but I have
no phone. I’m against phones. -You’re against phones?
-Yes. -How can we reach you?
-Here’s how we can do it: I can drop by in a few days. If there is a position, I can work.
If not, that’s okay. I don’t want to take
any more of your time. Good luck to you.
See you. Bye. See you, bye. Hello. Hello. Welcome. You’re Mustafa Ali, right? -And you are Elizabeth.
-Yes. Your father talked a lot about you.
He loved you so much. He talked about you as well. I know, your mother is mad at me. But what could I do?
I fell in love with your father. My mother is such an angel. But she couldn’t get past the trauma. I wouldn’t be able to either,
if it happened to me. No woman can. Is she still mad at me? A little.
But her anger is a flash in the pan. Give it time.
-I have nothing to say to her. She has the right to say anything. I think you’d better not be around
when my mom is here. At least it’s best that you don’t meet
when you’re around my dad. Realtor, wait!
Why are you running? I’m leaving, Cumhur.
I’ll come back tomorrow. I hope you’ll be better tomorrow. Hello.
I brought clean clothes. Don’t bother. I can handle it. Slow down! I’ll drop dead! We came here from the hospital gate
in 45 minutes. The patient will be discharged
before we make it to his room! Let me open the door.
Just a second. This way. Realtor, be warned.
If that English woman is there,… …I’ll beat her intensively
and send her to the ICU. If I don’t, don’t call me Gulfidan.
I’m telling you. -What’s going on?
-Mom is coming. If you two meet, let her think
you’re a doctor. Let me see. Okay. Come on. Hello, hello. Mom. Are you here?
Welcome. Come in. Doctor, how is our patient doing today? Well, our patient… What do you expect, he’s a jerk. Look, he’s lying down like
a circumcised kid. He’s enjoying it. I’m all out of breath
trying to come here. Have a nice visit. Doctor,
I think my blood pressure is high. For the love of God, check it. Me? Oh, God bless you.
You are really good at this, doctor. I checked this patient’s
blood pressure a lot of times. I checked it too, in the past.
You don’t know what a jerk he is. He found an English woman after me.
He left me and ran away with her. She is a whore.
She wouldn’t leave him alone. -Maybe he fell in love.
-Love? What love? Does he have a heart?
He has the heart of a pig. Maybe that English woman
fell in love with him. I don’t think she did, either. You told me once, Cumhur.
She was a slut. -What does that mean?
-It means “whore”, madam. -What?
-A whore. Let me check on the patient. He’s fine.
He’s responsive. Good. I asked Cumhur the first time I heard.
He said “that English woman is a slut”. “She’s all over me.”
-Mommy. Let’s not talk about this
around my dad, okay? Of course.
Let’s talk about nicer things. Cumhur, there are so many
buyers for your land. It’s crazy. But Mustafa Ali is so stubborn.
He’s digging in his heels. I hope you get well soon,
and we can work it out, Cumhur. To hell with your land!
You’re still thirsty for money. Oh, so he should sell the land and
spend the money on that English woman? No way.
Does she need Cumhur’s money? Maybe she had her own money. She didn’t need Mr. Cumhur’s money. Right? Doctor, tell us about
my mom’s blood pressure, please. -It’s fine, fine. Just fine.
-Good. I’m fine, thank God.
I’d bury you all. But I’ll bury this one first.
But he’s damned. He won’t be buried in Cokertme
or Mugla. We’d better send him to England.
Let him be buried there. They should bury him
in an English cemetery. After all those things he said
about that woman,… …English cemeteries
wouldn’t accept him either. Doctor, I just heard,
they’re calling you from the next room. I mean, they asked for a doctor.
I thought I heard it. Let’s have a look. Cumhur, is the English woman
paying for the hospitall bill? Cash, it is. Oh, boy. Man, you’re so lucky. It’s obvious that my father told some
white lies so that mom doesn’t get hurt. No. I feel hurt. Once he recovers,
I’ll ask about it. Cumhur. I swear to God,
they offer 500 dollars per square meter. Once you get well, we go to the notary. You give me the power of attorney,
and don’t worry about the rest. You can come and lie again.
You can lie down just like this. Look, realtor.
What are you talking about? God damn you. I’m checking his blood results.
Just a minute. What blood?
Does he have blood? He’s heartless. I’ve had enough of you!
You drive me crazy! I’m going out! Enough!
You drive me crazy! I say let’s sell it.
We’ll split the money. What’s this, Cumhur?
What is it? Like a microphone. Sound check. I was going to charge my phone.
You have no such problems. Your way is the best way.
You lie down. Everything’s coming up roses.
I’m taking this. Cumhur, I’m curious about these tubes.
Really, where do they go? They come from here…
Oh, they go to the device. We thought otherwise! I’m almost out of battery.
I’d be ruined. Basri, come on.
Hospital visits shouldn’t take long. Let me charge my phone’s battery.
I’ll come in a minute. Do it in the car.
The doctor will be mad. Come on. You didn’t give me a break! I’ll come again, Cumhur. -Sorry, we caused you trouble.
-No problem. What trouble? Look at him.
He’s like a monkey. What trouble, Mustafa Ali?
He gave us trouble. For God’s sake, look at his face!
How ugly. Mustafa Ali, son.
Talk to him and show him the right path. He’s out of control. Mom, I’m against the notion of
disciplining young people. Why? Because they know
the very best of everything. They are born with the latest version.
They are the latest version of mankind. -Realtor, what is he saying?
-That philosopher of yours let us down. When he saw the young people,
he started posing and talking weird. I’m so glad that you came, Mustafa Ali. -You shut up.
-What are those earrings? Even the biggest pop stars
don’t have those. Are you a woman?
Are you a woman? Don’t hit him.
He’ll forget everything he knows. He already forgot, Mustafa Ali. He forgot his mother, his father,
his village, his homeland. Look, I’m shaking with anger. God damn you, realtor.
We almost ran into the pipe. It’s not important. Heaven forbid,
what if the tube ran into us? Shut up. Cut the chatter.
Don’t make me mad. Don’t throw insults. -Hello, officer.
-Yes, who are you visiting? Mr. Hilmi.
Hilmi Ozdemir, right? We’re here for Mr. Hilmi Ozdemir.
-Who are you? We are visitors, do you ask visitors
who they are. Who are you? This is such a nice place.
Such a lovely home. Thank you.
Thanks. Oh, Mustafa Ali.
What have you done in life? It’d be great if you had a job
and lived in a house like this. There is even security at the door. No, mom.
I’m against secured building complexes. Why, Mr. Mustafa Ali? Because no secured building complex
can be as safe as a neighborhood. Hilmi, I’ll ask you something. Can you give your house keys
to your security guy? No. But you can give them to the grocer
or your neighbor. Ozlem, I’ll ask you something as well. Can you tell your security guy: “When
the kid comes from school, feed him. I have to go to the hospital.” -I can’t.
-But you can, to your neighbor. You can tell the grocer
to keep an eye on your kid. A neighborhood is
such a safe place that… …evil people from the outside world
can be immediately spotted. No evil person can last long
in a neighborhood. Even the dogs bark differently
at evil people. So, I don’t like building complexes. But we have such nice playgrounds.
What about that? Oh, yeah?
Have you ever played in the street? -No.
-I feel sorry for these kids. They never a chance to play in the
street as we did. I hope Ayse… …will have the opportunity
to play games with the kids… …on a beautiful street
in a beautiful neighborhood. Don’t listen to the dairy philosopher.
Your house is so comfortable. So comfortable.
I hope you’ll live in it happily. -I hope so too.
-You know what Foucault said? -Who’s Fiko?
-Foucault, Foucault. What did he say?
-What did he say? “Capitalism gives you comfort and
takes away your freedom.” Fiko can take anything,
as long as he gives us comfort. Right? Let’s have dinner. -Has, how long are they going to stay?
-No more than a couple of days. The food is so great.
I hope they never leave. -Don’t be ridiculous.
-You’re the one being ridiculous. Son, enough already.
Put that phone down during dinner. Really, son. We have company,
but you haven’t said a word. Mustafa Ali, were you
in the same class with my father? No, we were in the same dorm.
In the same room. He studied business,
and I studied philosophy. -What do philosophers do?
-Philosophers think. What? Do they pay you to think?
It’s cool, mom. Mom, I want to study philosophy.
-Yeah, sure. Mustafa goes to work in the morning.
He thinks until the evening. No, not that much.
I stop thinking at lunch breaks. And he’s so witty. Mustafa, do you continue thinking
at home, after work? No, I don’t bring work home. Oh, dear. You are so sweet.
He has no job. He’s lazy. That’s right, I’m a bit lazy. Come on, kids. If you finished eating,
start your homework. Say good night. -Good night.
-Good night. -Good night.
-Such a lovely girl. Look!
-Oh, God bless them. Which school do they go to?
-To a private school. Hilmi, they say private schools
are expensive in Istanbul. How much do you pay yearly?
-Don’t ask. -So, they are not students.
-They are students. Of course they are. Can is going to
graduate this year. Ayse just started. But if you’re paying for it, they’re not
students. They are only customers. Because students don’t pay money.
-Well… I’ll pour some more tea.
Would you like some? No. Thank you. Mustafa Ali, I’m so sleepy.
Let’s go, dear. Let’s go, for the love of God.
Come on, I’m sleepy. Mom, you go.
Hilmi will give me a ride later. We haven’t seen each other for years.
There is so much to talk about. Sure, sure. I can give him a ride.
You can do as you like. Realtor, let’s go.
He can stay longer. Come on. That’s it, Mustafa Ali. We struggled
for years, but we couldn’t make it. Between the kids and our careers,
we both missed out on living. I’ll go and smoke a cigarette. This also affected our relationship.
We’re not as happy as we used to be. I say “let’s go to a marriage counselor”
but he doesn’t listen. -Is there a counselor for marriage?
-Yes. In order to be a counselor
for a subject,… …you either study it in college,
or you learn it from a master. There’s no “marriage counseling” major
in colleges that I know of. And since those people weren’t
apprentices for married couples,… …how can they be counselors? But Mustafa Ali, everyone is going
to these counselors now. Dear Ozlem, that’s the modern world.
First, it breaks down your marriage. Then it sends you to the marriage
counselor and charges you money. These are nothing.
There are also sex life counselors. They don’t have majors
in college either. I wonder what kind of master
teaches them this practice! Oh, Mustafa Ali… This modern world has defined it all.
It never lets you go with the flow. “This is your work life.
This is how you raise your kids. This is the color of your hair.
Your nose shouldn’t be big. If it is, have it fixed.
Your lips shouldn’t be thin. If they are, have them filled.
Send your kids to private schools. Live in secured building complexes. Change your car every two years. If you have no money, apply for credit.
Carry some credit cards.” This is the system. If one of these items is missing,
it makes you feel incomplete. You feel like
you’re missing out on something. So true. Everyone including me
says “why don’t I have it”. We had so many problems
with work as well. Being a woman
is a problem in the first place. You keep struggling with men
who want to keep you from rising. I’d be lying if I said I know
how hard it is to be a woman. But I can guess. As if those weren’t enough, the system
makes you compete with men as well. Even with other women. And makes your kids
compete with theirs. If you’re a woman,
the modern world doesn’t allow for… …wrinkles, the most natural things.
But they’re so nice! They remind you of your memories. But this system makes you think
they are a shame. And why? To sell you wrinkle creams.
All in all: This system makes you feel guilty. Then it makes you pay the penalty.
That is the goal. Goals…
We had nice goals. We had everything planned
even before the kids were born. Where we would live,
which school they would go to… The year my son was going to take
the exam for high school, I quit work. I didn’t even go to the hairdresser.
Why? Because I needed to be with him
all the time. If I went to the hairdresser, I felt
like I was stealing from his time. It was necessary
that he succeeded in the exam. You didn’t have kids.
You had projects. Sorry, but yours are project children. That’s true.
They are projects. You picked their jobs
even before your kids were born. Yes. We both wanted them
to be engineers, right? Yes. Kids born today will have a career
when they are 20 or 21 years old. Let’s say
they’ll retire in 2050 or 2060. Can we guess what will happen
in this world in three years? A couple of years ago,
who thought that… …the realtor would take selfies
with my dad in an ICU? Oh, my dear friends.
When everything is that vague,… …everything is that unknown
and changing so fast,… …how can you make plans
or decide on projects… …even before your kids are born? 20 million kids are
raised to be doctors in Turkey. If everyone becomes a doctor,
who will be the patient? Do we need 20 million doctors? We don’t even have medicine schools
to educate 20 million kids. Look, you had a project to make her an
engineer even before the kid was born. Maybe Ayse could be one of the
best painters in the world. But you arranged a project
for her to be an engineer. It was just a plan.
Ayse has no luck anyways. We’ll no longer be able to send her
to private school. Their goals are ruined along with ours. If you focus on goals, you get blind. You know the goals that
Hilmi’s boss imposes on him? You set similar goals for yourself. You have become slaves
to this system… …because of the goals that it imposes,
or that you set yourself. As if that wasn’t enough,
you also set goals for your kids. You missed out on an entire life
because of those goals. I’m sorry,
but you couldn’t even see Istanbul. Okay, Mustafa Ali.
How can we get rid of this circle? -By being free.
-How can we be free? -By giving up.
-Giving up? Yes, giving up. Giving something up
is the greatest power that you have. Give up on everything that the modern
world imposes on you to take over you. Don’t let the targets
that took your job away… …take away your life
and your children’s childhood. Pay off your debts. Move to a nice neighborhood
in a nice part of Istanbul. “Guven House Movers” Have nice neighbors. The kids can be friends
with the neighbors’ kids. They can play hide-and-seek
in the street. Let them go to the neighborhood school.
On foot. Let them be real students,
not customers. That God damn Halil Ibrahim
forgot his phone. Let’s check the messages. Auntie, the school is on our way to
the hospital. We can take him the phone. -Will you drink tea?
-Yes, please. Pour it yourself.
Am I your servant? Do you need a servant? Oh, I’m so bored.
How long are we going to stay? How could I know? Mustafa Ali has something to do in
Istanbul. He doesn’t want to go back. I don’t know what he has to do. -Tea man, come on, training time.
-Me too? You too. The boss wanted everyone there.
Tea man, janitor, everyone. Leave the tray and come.
-What is the subject? Sales expertise.
Come on, leave the tray. “Selling Is Honorable Work” Selling. Selling.
Selling, selling, selling. Selling more!
Meeting the targets! When everyone asks for 5, sell 10!
Even sell 20! Sell 30! Sell more and earn more! The more you sell, the richer you get. One can do anything if they want to. What is it that you don’t have?
And you? What is it? You can do it, too. You can buy a house!
All you have to do is to want it. Want it bad!
Don’t be satisfied with what you have! Look at those people,
riding luxurious cars. They have two eyes and two ears,
just like you. They have one nose, just like you. Their only difference is that they
wanted that life. They wanted it bad! You can live in a mansion if you like. All you have to do is to want it.
Want it bad. Sell more, earn more, want more! Here is a fabulous seaside mansion! You, sir.
Repeat after me. I want to live in a mansion.
-I want to live in a mansion! Altogether!
I want to live in a mansion! -I want to live in a mansion!
-I want to live in a mansion! -I can’t hear you!
-I want to live in a mansion! -I want a mansion!
-I want a mansion! -I want a mansion!
-I want a mansion! -I can live in a mansion!
-I can live in a mansion! Stand up! Let me see your hands!
Get up! I can live in a mansion! -I can live in a mansion!
-I can live in a mansion! -I want a mansion!
-I want a mansion! -I want a mansion!
-I want a mansion! -I want a mansion!
-I want a mansion! Excuse me, can I ask you something? Sure. Sure, yeah.
Come, please. Here! Here is a confident voice!
The first person to live in a mansion! How many seaside mansions are there
in Istanbul? How many seaside mansions are there
in Istanbul? How many? How will I know, man? Guys, please check online.
Let’s see how many. -About 600.
-600! 600 mansions, guys! 600! 750 people work in our company.
Would 150 of them be homeless? Of course, everyone doesn’t have to
live in a seaside mansion. You were just saying
that everyone could. Dear brother, I was talking about
the possibility to make money. For example, you. Wouldn’t you want
to be the richest person on earth? Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t
want to be the richest person on earth? -Me. I wouldn’t want it.
-You wouldn’t? Why? Because the richest person
has no friends. No way!
What’s that got to do with it? The richest person is the loneliest. He
has no match. Who would be his friend? “The richest”. The word says it all.
It’s the peak. It’s for one person only. Lonely.
Not even a friend to play backgammon. No way! There are lots of people
around the rich. -They are not friends.
-So, what should we do? Should we be lazy?
Should we just lie down? Should we be lazy?
-It works for me. Laziness is good.
-“Laziness is good”! Mankind has lazy people to thank
for all its progress. Mankind reached today
thanks to lazy people. For instance, I guess the person who
invented the wheel was a lazy one. Why? He was too lazy to walk and carry
a load. He invented the wheel. I think the one who invented the plane
was also a lazy fella. Why?
He was too lazy to drive. Don’t underestimate laziness.
Laziness takes us forward. He’s right. We’re talking about
self-improvement here. Self-improvement.
Do you know what I mean? Have you heard those words before?
Self-improvement. Well, I’m against self-improvement. Why do I improve just myself?
Why not improve together? If we are going to improve, let’s
improve all together. As a community. He’s right! Come on, please. Sit.
For God’s sake, don’t! Guys, sit down. Dude, take that away from my eye.
Turn it away! Don’t you have regular lights?
Turn them on! Are you doing it on purpose? Come and
blow in my mouth! For God’s sake! You’re hiring ridiculous people.
What can I possibly teach that man? Who is he?
-The tea man. The tea man?
What is he doing in the seminar? -The boss said everyone should go.
-“Everyone should go”. That’s what happens
when everyone goes! You’re hiring people
who look like terrorists! The boss said,
“hire extraordinary people”. God knows
who gave him the advice! We’ve been hiring
extraordinary people ever since. I said “extraordinary” but…
This guy would finish this company. “Faculty of Science and Literature” Girl, hold on.
Did you see Halil Ibrahim? -Halil Ibrahim?
-Halil Ibrahim. From Mugla. How could I know about Halil Ibrahim?
This is a huge place. Check the café. Café… See how college is?
They built classrooms and cafés. Shall we go to the club if there is one?
-God damn you. All you think about is dirty things.
Don’t make me slap you. Come on!
Let’s go and find the boy. Move it! Hello. Son, may God bless you.
Do you know Halil Ibrahim? -I don’t.
-Is that our girl-boy? Hey. Look at me.
Where is our naughty boy? -Hello. You mean Has?
-Has. -What is “Has”?
-Guys, has anyone seen Has? Here he is.
His name is Has. -Has.
-Has. Why would we grow
in parallel with interest rates? Let’s set higher targets.
We can grow by 12 percent, sir. -12? That’s too high.
-It’s not enough. It should be 13. -Wait a minute. It should be 15.
-Why? Why 15? Sir, my wife’s birthday is on the 15th. Let’s not hurt her feelings. Our growth
target for this year is 15 percent. Congratulations.
Let’s tell all departments. I wish your wife was born on the 20th. So we could grow by 20 percent
this year. But it’s better than my wife’s birthday.
She was born on the 1st. Come on, rebel tea maker.
Get bigger teapots. This year’s growth target is high.
Are you going to buy a mansion? Sir, mansions are so close to the sea.
So, they are really damp. That’s not good for my bones.
So, I’m against mansions. He’s against mansions!
Oh, tea man! Tea man!
You need to think big. He doesn’t know what kind of company
he works in. We came this far by thinking big.
By doing reforms. By making innovations.
We set different targets each year. We grew and grew and grew. As we grew,
our board table also grew. Today, our table is so big that
we cannot reach for the cookies. The region manager is about to starve
over here. Guys, wait a minute. Let’s show our friend here how different
and groundbreaking we are. Forget the target we set.
We have no target. This year’s target will be determined
by our rebellious tea maker. Tell me. By what percentage should we grow
this year? You decide. Don’t tell me about targets.
I’m against targets. Are you against targets too?
Oh, he’s against targets too! Let’s arrange an insanity report
for this fellow. He had so much gas
when he was a kid. He couldn’t release it. The entire
village worked to get him to fart. -That’s right.
-He’s still the same. He got kicked by a donkey as a kid.
It took him three days to recover. Did anything kick you?
-No. Doesn’t he look like he’s been kicked? He was going to be circumcised.
Then, guess what? He ran away. We ran after him and caught him.
We circumcised him right there. Then, he didn’t wear underpants
until the age of 10. He used to show everyone
that he was circumcised. Basri! Oh, now he’s grown up,
wiped his ass and… …become a stinking hippy
in Istanbul. Auntie! You’re being rude. Dear brother,
you’re saying nice things,… …but we’re a big corporate body.
How can we do without a target? We’d go down without a target.
-Those targets will bring you down. How? This thing you call “target”
is the source of all evil. Before targets were introduced,… …companies also thought about
workers, producers, suppliers. They charged six liras
for a product worth five liras. So that others could also earn money. But now, there are targets. Because of
that, there’s no more craftsmanship. You’re setting targets here
at this table,… …and your young managers
are trying to cut on costs… …in order to meet the target. They want to buy five liras worth of
goods for three liras. And the others need to produce five
liras worth of goods for three liras. So, they run over the ones below them. And the next ones run over the ones
below them in order to produce cheap. Everyone runs over the next one below. And the ones at the bottom
have it the worst. Those young managers know that
those companies would go down. They know it,
but there’s nothing to do. They say “if I don’t give you that
price, I can’t meet the targets”. When that company goes down,… …your young managers
find another one. They do the same to the new company.
Then it goes down too. They will all go down. Those targets of yours will cause
many more companies to go down. When they do,
their employees will be unemployed. And the ones at the bottom
will have it the worst. I mean, you’re selling your products
to the ones at the bottom, right? The thing you call target
destroys those very people. One day, you won’t be able to find
anyone to sell products to. Because everyone will be unemployed. These targets are destroying you
and your work. One day, your job will be destroyed. -So what, we won’t set targets?
-If I were you, I wouldn’t. Your targets are so high anyway. Your employees think that
they can’t meet the targets,… …and they stop working. More stress means more mistakes. These targets will cause you trouble. Your employees might want to
take unethical steps. They might present some features
in a product that in fact don’t exist. Or a woman may try to sell products
by using her femininity. Some sellers might beg.
Some might use emotional abuse. Many of them might tell the customer:
“Buy now, you can return later.” That’s how far they could go.
This target thing is no good. I’m against targets. 301 miners who died in Soma, weren’t
they killed because of the targets? Young people on motorbikes,
lying down covered in blood… Aren’t they dead because they tried to
deliver a pizza in 30 minutes? Okay, you can leave.
Okay. Your tea must have gotten cold.
Would you like a new one? No, thank you.
I don’t. -Would you like coffee?
-No. -A cold beverage?
-Thank you, you may leave. What was our target, guys?
What was it? -We said 15 percent.
-Isn’t 15 percent too much, guys? 15 percent. Interest rates are 8-9.
Let’s be reasonable. Let’s set a real target.
Forget about your wife’s birthday. Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
-Oh my God. What’s going on? Nurse! Nurse! Nurse! Breathe comfortably. It’s okay, everything is okay.
Calm down. I’m leaving. Doctor, I knew you weren’t a doctor. Man, I’ll tell you what. First days of college,
people made fun of me a lot. But they were right. Think about it,
they asked me who I was with. I said “I’ve got my cousin with me”.
Can you believe it? Sometimes I look at old pictures.
I’m wearing a plaid shirt. We wandered around like fools.
We said “howdy” to people. Oh God. But then, look at what I’ve done.
I let my hair and beard grow. And I got my ears pierced.
Girls were all over me. After I started listening to metal
music, there were girls everywhere. -What about the classes?
-They’re fine. Great. It’s not like I’m bad at everything.
I studied hard. Now, it’s great. No problem.
I got used to Istanbul. We won a medal with the school team. The rector gave it.
You should have seen it. All the parents were there.
They all screamed like crazy. I can’t tell you enough about it.
-What about your parents? -They weren’t there.
-Didn’t you invite them? Not that I didn’t, but… They are
at the village, how could they come? -You haven’t been there in three years.
-Yes, but there was no time. I worked at the rock store in summer. Except that, we went to England
a few times with the team. I didn’t have time.
-Oh, Halil Ibrahim. You were born in a small village.
You went to the village school. Yes. You talked like your mother, your
father, your friends, your relatives. You dressed like them. Then, you were accepted to college.
You came to the big city, Istanbul. And you had a different circle,
you had different friends. You felt bad when you were with them. You were ashamed of the way
you talked and dressed. You were ashamed of being a village boy.
You didn’t see yourself fit. You let your hair and beard grow
just to get the city to accept you. You had tattoos and earrings to
erase your past, being a village boy. You stopped listening to Tolga Candar
and started listening metal music. Despite all its weirdness,
ugly architecture and urbanization,… …this city wasn’t ashamed of itself,
but you were ashamed of yourself. While the rich people in the city run
after organic eggs from the village,… …you couldn’t tell them
you were from that very village. You couldn’t tell them: “I’m a village
man. I’m the master of this nation.” As author Bulent Akyurek says: “When everyone was looking for genuine
milk, eggs, yoghurt, honey, butter,… …you couldn’t tell them
that you’re a genuine person.” When you became champions
with the university team,… …everyone invited their parents,
but you didn’t. Why? You were ashamed of them being village
people. You didn’t want to see them… …in their villager clothes, next to
your urban friends’ urban parents. You thought of your mother with
her scarf and your father with his hat. You were ashamed of them.
You were ashamed of your own parents. To stop being a village boy, to erase
the past, you erased your parents. Cry, Halil Ibrahim. Cry.
I’m the one who understands you best. Because I experienced the same thing
20 years ago. The hair and the beard
are memories of those times. But I listen to folk songs
and opera both. I love Ozay Gonlum
as much as I love Pavarotti. Cry, cry.
Don’t be ashamed. Cry. He won’t be able to speak because
we removed his vocal cords,… …but he can breathe on his own now.
He doesn’t need a device anymore. He’s doing fine.
-I understand. -Do you have private health insurance?
-Why did you ask? To determine the course of treatment. Are you providing treatment based on
the type of insurance patients have? No, but we need to know. Let me tell you something. I love doctors, and I respect them. But I’m against doctors
who ask about private health insurance. Dad. Do you want to get out of here? Come, Mustafa Ali. Come on in, welcome.
Take a seat. -I came to say goodbye.
-I know. Come, sit. Human Resources called in the morning.
They told me. Why are you leaving your job? My dad has some health issues.
It’s better that we go back home. I hope he recovers soon. Okay but you can take your father home,
spend some time with him as a vacation. Then, you can come back and continue
working. Why are you going back? -Thank you. I’m against working too.
-Right, you were against working. So, what do we do then?
Okay, you can be our counselor. Come here on some days.
Join the meetings, pitch us ideas. And we can pay you anything you like. No, thanks.
I’m against money too. You’re against money,
working, targets. Of course, you’re right.
Easier said than done. See if you could still be against those
as the head of such a corporate body. Is it possible to run a company
like this without setting targets? It is. If your employees
love their jobs and their offices,… …if they feel
they belong to the company,… …if they feel they belong to a family,
you don’t need to set any targets. So, how can we decide
who’s working and who’s not? What is the criteria?
-It will be conscience. If employees love their jobs
and their company,… …their conscience will be disturbed
when they work less. They’ll be unhappy. And they’ll do anything to be happy. Creating this environment is the job
of the employers and managers. I wish it was all true, but there are
all kinds of people out there. How can you trust anyone? If you don’t trust your employees,
don’t do this business. Because if there’s no trust,
targets can’t be met. Trust your employees.
Let them embrace this company. Don’t worry about the rest. You are
the most difficult case in the company. You don’t rule the company.
The company rules you. You want to grow because you need to. If you stop, you go down. The system
has captured you. You’re not free. No way! What do you mean “not free”?
I own the company. I can do anything I like.
Who can say what? -Can you resign?
-Resign? Why would I? How could I?
I can’t resign. To whom will I give my notice?
-If you can’t resign, you’re not free. Because the greatest freedom
is the freedom to give up. Can you give up on this company? Of course, if I want to.
I can. No. You can’t, even if you wanted to.
Because you’re going too fast to stop. Brakes are no good anymore.
You need money to shrink. Finding money is easy when you grow.
It’s impossible when shrinking. Have you ever seen a bank
give credit for closing down? -No, I haven’t.
-You can’t. Because this system
only tells us to grow. You’ll grow and grow.
Then, you’ll leave this world. You’ll leave a monster to your children. You are setting higher targets
every year, but… …you’re only growing the bomb
that you’re leaving to your children. Everyone says:
“A generation earns, another goes down.” Of course they would. Companies are
grown with irresponsible targets. What else can they do but go down?
Let me tell you something: I’m proud of my father.
Why? Because he’ll leave me nothing.
My head is clear. And my children are proud of me. I’m one of the most respected
businessmen in Turkey. Respect is easy.
It can be forced by law. You can sue someone
for not respecting you. You can have someone put in jail
for disrespect. But can you sue someone
for not loving you? I think you should try to be a boss
that people love, not just respect. Which will help free you
from any targets. -Excuse me, how old are you?
-50. -And do you like soccer?
-Of course. That’s our only entertainment.
What else do we have? Have you ever thought about
how many more World Cups you will see? 3, 5, 10, 20…
How many left to be seen? I mean, life is short.
Don’t let go of freedom. Don’t make prisoners out of your family
with the ambition of growth. And please,
don’t lose your employees… …who have worked hard for you
for years and become your family,… …for the sake of that growth target. They are much more valuable than
those targets. Don’t let them go. Anyways, I should get going.
Give me your blessings. God bless you, Mustafa Ali.
Have a nice journey. Goodbye. Pass my get well wishes
to your father please. Thank you, bye. Hello. I’m fine.
How about you? What? Ozlem.
Ozlem, they called from the company. -What company?
-My old company. -Why?
-They want me back. They want you to go back to work? -Yes.
-I’m so happy! I can’t believe it. How did this happen?
-I don’t know. That’s great news! Cumhur, you have a nice voice.
Come on, sing us a folk song. Yes, dad. Sing. No, dad, you can still sing. If you sing it from here,
we’ll hear it from here. Sing!
But sing from here. Anyone who has this will hear it.
Sing! I present to you Halil Ibrahim Ozkaynak,
our valedictorian. Thank you very much. I want to thank our dear rector,
our dean, all my professors and… …all my friends. But especially,
to my mother and father,… …who raised me so well
until this day. What would I do if it wasn’t for you? I hope you’ll never leave my side.
I love you so much. Dear, are you hungry? Once your dad’s
fish comes, we’ll eat together. Okay? Okay. Here it comes!
There is my beautiful fish! Come on, eat while it’s hot.
-Enjoy it. -It looks delicious, right?
-Just the fish? Have a look at this place!
Such a pretty city, right? -You are the one who makes it pretty.
-Darling. -Am I pretty, too?
-You are the prettiest, princess. My handsome boy, my princess girl,
my dear wife. She can eat herself.
-My girl is grown up! Of course, I won’t always be 4.
Now, I’m 5 years old. Who do you think you are talking to? Is my girl 4 years old?
No, she’s 5. She’s so big, right? If I was 3, I couldn’t eat by myself. Sure.

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