Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Malta
1-HOW I CAN GO TO MALTA ? Flying to Malta is easy. Flights taking
under three hours go from a wide range of UK and another UE airports.(USA:12 hours) All arrive at Malta’s one international airport, which is no more than 45 minutes by car or taxi from anywhere on the main island, or a little longer by bus, Before travelling to Malta, you should apply for a visa at the Maltese embassy in your
country of residence, or at the embassy of another EU Member State with which Malta has a representation agreement. Make sure you apply well in advance as visa applications can take 15 days or longer to process. continuous visa and passport checks contribute to a safe place in malta Now you can fly to Malta Second section
SOME BASIC FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT THE MALTESE ISLANDS Malta is the largest of the 3 main islands. At only 27 kms long and 14.5 kms wide it is
the smallest country in the European Union and tenth smallest in the world. Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It’s a nation known for historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It has numerous fortresses, megalithic temples, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C. Malta was part of the British Empire for 150 years and gained independence on September
21st 1964. The main languages spoken on the islands are Maltese and English. The Euro is the unit of currency. As well as being one of the world’s smallest countries Malta is also one of the most densely populated We have come to the end of our first video for Malta. Thank you for watching. You can follow us for creative videos.

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