Malaysia Unveils New Ecotourism Destination At ITB Berlin 2014 – Royal Belum Rainforest

The Royal Belum Rainforest was recently officially
introduced as Malaysia’s best kept ecotourism secret at Europe’s largest tourism fair, International
Tourismus Borse (ITB) Berlin 2014. “The Royal Belum is a relatively untouched forest complex,
believed to have been in existence for over 130 million years, even older than the Amazon
and Congo rainforests,” said Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz. Nazri
is confident that the rainforest will appeal to tourists with the growing interest in the
concept of ecotourism. “This 3,000 sq km complex of nature is home to over 3,000 species of
flowering plants, including three species of the largest flower in the world,” he said.
“It is also the natural habitat for 14 of the world’s most threatened mammals, including
the Malayan Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Asiatic Elephant,” Nazri added. To complement
Tourism Malaysia’s promotions of the Royal Belum, a new series of ecotourism television
commercials will also go on air in Europe. The publicity is a build-up to the upcoming
global release of Eco Malaysia, a special National Geographic documentary on the Royal
Belum Rainforest and ecotourism hosted by renowned British naturalist, Nick Baker. Holiday
Tours Malaysia, with the support of Tourism Perak, has launched a 7D/3N tour programme
called “Two Valleys, Perak Man and The Lost World: The Royal Belum and Pangkor’s Jewels”.
In addition to showcasing the Royal Belum State Park, the tour will highlight Perak’s
natural and historical treasures.

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