Mahabalipuram seafood Journey, near Chennai | Tamil Nadu seafood

100 thoughts on “Mahabalipuram seafood Journey, near Chennai | Tamil Nadu seafood

  1. there was a variety of food uhh showed nd tried.. this was a wholesale video😂..
    plus uhh showed us reptile zoo.. that was in the way.. was an add up to the video..
    ek suggestion.. aap khane ke sath sath.. vaha ke kuch local area ke places kuch seconds ke liye dikhaye toh acha rahega..

  2. I saw the crocodile park on our way to Mahabalipuram, but we did not stop. Definitely looks like something I would enjoy. We did eat at Moonrakers and it was great. I would love to visit again and spend more than just an afternoon trying out the great cuisine and sea views.

  3. Wonderful video Harishji !! Ur Hyderabad and CP videos r my favorite.. Visa2explore is best in their business.. Price of pepper Crab rice is also mind blowing.. Love from Chennai.. Keep exploring Ji..

  4. I frequently watch your videos. The best part being your honest reviews regarding food. I'm not sure if you have visited Bangalore. Please do let me know in case if you have any plans of visiting our beautiful city

  5. Sir there is a little problem in subtitles dhaniya is corriander leaves not parsley and the fish he caught at last restaurant is tuna fish not chuna fish it was a mistake of his pronunciation

  6. Looooovely video. Jitni tareef ki jaye kam hai. Harish aapka sweet nature complements beautiful Mahabalipuram. Perfect mix of food & travel. Good wishes.

  7. Sir 1500.. God.. I thnk it will get digested as soon as U c d bill…can't believe u spent this much for single dish.. Better u can go for a buffet..

  8. Why didn't U have a glass of beer…'s ok to have it and let the viewers know that U can enjoy also and not just work to produce such wonderful vlogs….and trust me nobody will mind U letting your hair down….as it's quite a hardwork U do in bringing such good vlogs to us the viewers !!

  9. I don't know why some people disliked the video. I think this is very unfair .If someone quit his prestijious job to make food exploring and travel a full time practise to entertain us and keep aware of every part of Incredible India, we should support him , encourage him and give him positive energy to grow up .
    Sir hats off .keep it up.whole visa2explore family is with you .you will reach 1M subscribers soon .

  10. amazing sir in delhi come to janakpuri and try champaran meat house..its cooked in handi on coals. let me know if you coming there

  11. Hi Harish Ji,
    Fabulous video once again. I wonder if you have also visited Puducherry which is very close to Mahabalipuram. Puducherry has got its authentic taste in many dishes. The auroville community over there has a variety of Organic food and healthy dishes made from inhouse agricultural products. Puducherry serves great fire cooked thin crust pizzas made on charcoal. They use their home made cheese and have amazing spices. Please visit there also.

  12. I stay just 25 mins away from this place in Chennai liked your visit if I would have known I must have come down!

  13. Bali ji the best thing about your videos is that you focus on other things in vicinity also. Be it nature or a zoo or a crocodile park. Keep up the good work.

  14. Me from karachi … we love karri patta flavor also…
    Reptiles park lovely but me kabhi soch b nhi skta yahan janay kind I m so afraid 😳 but I really enjoyed ur video 😘

  15. Awesome sir u r at Least trying to learn how to eat a fish???

    But m expert eating fish as m a Bengali …..


    It's so easy …….

  16. Sir your vedios and your personality both are really very good and attracts to watch again and again.
    I also have fond of travelling and eating different food cousins.
    I also wanna explore our country so can you share your ways how you arrange that much money to travel. Because it's require lots of money. So please help and guid me.

    And if you have some spare time so please call to guide me
    My no. 7895498378

  17. Kbhi kheri lakhimpur aaye yaha 200 prakar ki jungl food hai aur bhut trh ke nonveg dudhwa national park hai kafi nadiya hai

  18. Sir aap Kya job Karte ho ya they,?? Kindly apne bare me kuch bataye. Would like to know you personally coz you have an amazing personality.

  19. Mahabalipuram is the favorite hang out destination for Chennai crowd, Moonraker I had visited 5 yrs ago with my husband for the first time, the fish taste was mind blowing. I was insisting my husband to take me again, but my recent visit there disappointed me, the old taste which i was craving for is totally missing. Santana is also good for prawn dish, not sure how it is now.

  20. Hello sir, आपणे पुरे तामिळनाडू journy मे सिर्फ hotel food की जाणकारी दी, दुसरे state की तरह tourist point एक भी नही दिखाया

  21. aap 1 bar rajasthan ke pali district ke sumerpur city se 8 kilometer jwai bandh he vha jakar kuch pal dekho leopard bhut he dekho

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