Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum | Ep-04 | Urdu | English Subtitle | Tourist Attractions Abu Dhabi

Hey Guys! I hope you are all fine… This is Suleman and currently I’m here at the largest museum of middle east Yes right! I am in Louvre Abu Dhabi Louvre Abu Dhabi is Sponsored by Louvre France We are going to visit and explore this museum in today’s video Let us begin our journey for Louvre Abu Dhabi We have passed through now after security clearance and on my right side there are various items for sale We are moving forward to the musuem Started Construction in 2007 and Completed in 2017 Paintings are being presented here in first place of the museum and nearby some ancient rocks are in display These ancient rocks with human face drawings… are being engraved two thousands years before Christ (2000 BC) Let us move forward to next stop The museum was inaugurated by French President and The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Golden funerary mask from the Levant to examine the long-standing and universal link between gold, death and the afterlife Golden mask is approximately three hundred years old before Christ (300 BC). One of the finest museum of the world which is situated in Paris, France 665 million dollars is the total cost of this piece of art museum and the price paid for using copyrights of Louvre, Paris was one point three billion dollars! Only to have this name (Louvre) for the museum! Thirty Years Agreement took place between Govt. of France and Abu Dhabi The idea to have museum like this was meant for making a bridge between eastern and western cultures to present the culture for sharing and knowing about differences and similarities Painting of Napoléon 1803. (217 years old ) from 18th Century in Nepal! The Himalayan Mask 146 years old Painting (1874) 124 Years Old Painting (1896) – France 132 Years Old Painting (1888) Sea View until line of sight This site is nearby restaurants… You can see the Ships across as well… This masterpiece designed by Jean Nouvel Restaurants!!! Moving ahead now Let me show you the sight of… This designed irrigation system is called Falaj Irrigation System Which was historically linked to Oman This irrigation system effectively divided the water among all the inhabitants; It flowed by gravity from their original sources to homes and cropland The upper layer of this museum is built in the shape of filter which is made to pass sunlight through it makes it filter the sun rays to the ground like an oasis Oasis is called to the greenery with a pond in a desert where… When sun rays passes through the palm tree, it makes exactly the same impact you are looking at This is the end of day and I hope you have liked this video If you like the content then please click the like button and share your thoughts through comments! See you in next video with new places and new content, until then Good Bye!

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