Los Angeles (LA) | Public Transportation | Tourist Information | Episode# 2

Los Angeles, California USA. LA public transport information. The LA Metro is a system of light rail, subway, and buses The red line is a subway line that goes through downtown LA, Hollywood, and the San San Fernando Valley. There are 5 light rail lines. The Metro Expo line connects the Westside to downtown LA . The Purple line Purple line from downtown LA to Wilshire Boulevard. The gold line goes from Pasadena to East LA. The Blue line goes from downtown LA to Long Beach. Long Beach. The Green line goes from Norwalk to Redondo Beach. Maps are available at each station and online. You can purchase tickets at the vending machines or you buy a Tap card. Tap cards are reloadable value cards which can be used at all Metro buses, express buses, subways, and light rail. It also can be used on other local public bus systems Tap cards can be purchased for a dollar at tap vending machines. The dollar is non-refundable. The Metro bus system is made up of local, rapid, and express buses which are available throughout the greater LA area. The Metro buses which are the local buses and orange in color, make frequent stops along Main Roads. The Rapid lines or the red buses make fewer stops and offer faster services from one place to another. The Rapid blue line is a commuter bus that goes from South Bay to the San Gabriel Valley through the downtown area. The Rapid orange line goes from North Hollywood to Woodland Hills. The Silver line runs between Harbor Gateway transit center and El Monte station which is in East LA. The Metro Express runs between South Bay which is in Torrance and downtown LA. The metro systems based fare rate is a $1.75 whether on buses or on the Metro. A day pass will cost you $7. A 7 day pass will cost you $25. (Check online for fare updates). There are also many local area bus systems like the Santa Monica Big Blue bus system. This serves the Santa Monica and Westside area Local buses are good in their region only, otherwise use Metro. Public transportation is an inexpensive and convenient way to get around LA however this can be time-consuming due to the distance between attractions and cities and traffic! Happy Travels. Go to hipfig.colm for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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  1. A day pass in Los Angeles costs seven dollars. Here in Kansas City it costs only three dollars. I should count my blessings.

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