Look Inside – Korean Phrasebook For Travelers (한국어 몰라도 한국 여행 갈 수 있다!)

hello welcome to the channel and today we’re going to look inside this book together this is our newest publication our 21st textbook and it says Korean face book for travelers on the cover Hangul global lado Hangul your hang cards to eat up if you just heard this and understood the sentence completely you probably don’t need this book but you might want to check it out at least to see if it’s it has something that you might find useful because this book has a lot of really detailed illustrations and great expressions essential vocabulary words that you might actually be using on your next trip to Seoul South Korea or of course not just so other parts of Korea alright so let’s get the other books that we published so far out of the frame and focus on this book only this is of course high quality we have correct information and some words are more updated versions compared to some words that you might actually find in your dictionary because we’ve picked words that people really use in day-to-day life so let’s go from the beginning table of contents we have basic phrases and some other situations that you will find yourself in and of course when you arrive in Korea the first place you will find yourself in will be the airport so you’ll be taking your first selfie in Korea at the airport right so departures arrivals getting around accommodations reaching shopping fun places ways to those in Korea so this part is parts are more about some general information that you might want to know from the airport part so for example you see sample dialogue that you might want to reenact to yourself and you see some underlined parts these underlined parts mean that they are replaceable you can change well not the English part but this Korean part you can replace this word with other things so for example pandan is exchanging some currency exchanging money right so you can change it to other things that are introduced as other possibilities so instead of just memorizing or these Ohio you can simply swap it with other things tech clean or this Ohio where do I check in or true book shims are audios Ohio Hanson or this Ohio should appoint room John or diesel Hale so very realistic real-life examples and arrivals so let me just flip through the pages really slowly like this and you see the chapter on getting around taking the subway asking people for directions and we have illustration showing you what colors the subway stations or subway lines are in general and how to read the subway exit signs etc etc so very detailed information and accommodations as well so you can use this as a picture dictionary that you can just open and look up information or you can hold it in your hands when you travel because it’s really lightweight and small so you can simply open any page that you need some information from and show it to whoever you’re talking to or just try using it and one very important thing to mention is that we are using a romanization system that is different to the standard romanization system that is used in our textbooks from level 1 up to level 3 we’re not using romanization from level 4 and onward but the reason that we’re using something different from the standard romanization is that it is because the standard romanization isn’t any better it doesn’t do justice to the hunger writing system so we thought we might as well just use a system that is easier for complete beginners to the Korean language to understand so you will see things like ego ships are Cayo talking about gold in this case if you want to do some jewelry shopping while in Korea things like that so it’ll be more intuitive and you’ll find the pronunciation easier to try to imitate and as a bonus segment we have some information about festivals in and also some places that you might want to visit so busy areas in Seoul so here we talk about Shinto and eBay namdong no more samseong-dong Haram and square Y dou F do dahm dahm dahm etc etc so there you go this is our Korean phrase book for travellers book and I believe that this will be the most useful book for people who haven’t learned any Korean but want to travel to Korea within the near future and if you already know a lot of Korean you will still find this book very very good to have because it has a lot of detailed information all right so you can also see more sample pages on our online bookstore at my Korean store calm you can click right here to visit it and also you can look at other or watch other look inside videos by us looking at our textbooks other textbooks right here so this is our 21st published book and we’re very excited about it working on the next one already but for now please check it out on our online bookstore thank you bye oh by the way if you are wondering how we’ll survive a Korean book and Korean phrase book for travellers are different we will prepare a separate video on this so please stay tuned I’ll see you next time

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