5 thoughts on “Long security lines at RDU frustrate travelers

  1. I take the 6:00am flight from RDU to DTW regularly and it is ALWAYS like this. Thank goodness for TSA Pre Check.

  2. If airlines would stop charging for checked bag fees and in some cases car on fees it would be a heck of a lot smoother. I just flew out of there to msy through bna on southwest airlines they really have it going on. All the airlines need to take note if swa airlines can due it and be profitable so can yall. People dont want to pay the extra fees checked bag carry on fees. That's what holds yall up. If airlines would make the extra fees go away then lines would shrink and they airlines still could make money on flights. More turns and faster turns more money airlines. Efficiency will help yall out tremendously. I love this airport it is awesome

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