London BTS Concert World Tour 2019 VLOG part 1 (ENG) ❤️لقائي مع بي تي أس الفرقة الكورية في لندن

This window is bit dirty We arrived!! Now we are going to go walk Looking at the scenery Just walking We are now near London Eye It’s so empty of people because it’s evening now and it’s windy You can see boats going Big Ben is looking ugly because of construction It just looks black It’s under construction We arrived now to this famous museum in England It’s famous Can you see museum’s name? It’s starting to get empty because time is nearing 9 pm we arrived so we came here You can see London in evening The sky is all white because today it was raining You can see the bus full of tourists taking photos My hair became com.. complicated NADA: curly curly We arrived here and my hair became all curly We got wet from rain Our first food arrived This is called Seafood pancake And its made from eggs, veggies and fish We paid 7 pound for it We will taste it soon.
This is the first food. We will get two more soon Now tteokbokki with cheese arrived you can see how it looks like It has fishcakes We paid for this 6 euros (*pounds) and we added fishcakes for one euro. Not euro..POUNDS XD We will taste this soon We also got soda This is watermelon soda We finished all the food.
There’s nothing left And NADA is going to pay for food because she has to and what else
It was so good We are now in middle of London in Oxford There is videos of BTS.
There are a lot of people here They all came her because of BTS NAMJOON (SUGA) (J-HOPE) (JIN) (JUNGKOOK) (V) (MY ULT BIAS!) (JIMIN) It’s so full of people
and it’s hot (I LOVE THIS FANCHANT!) We now came to this M&M’s store We’re going inside This is Oxf… near Chinatown Can you film here? Nada? Look at this (so cute) Nada? Where is the toilet? Upstairs or downstairs? I want to go fix myself a bit (I looked horrible) What? They sell M&M’s merch Where is it? NADA: Toilet is downstairs What’s wrong with you? NADA: I told you many times it’s downstairs You said upstairs It’s so full of people There is three st.. umm…stai… three of…umm… What is floor in arabic?
NADA: what? floor? NADA: floor? It’s down (XD) No. I mean floors? There is down, up..there is 1… 4 NADA: 3 4!! There is 4 floors..floosr.. (Sorry for our broken darija xD) Was it in last floor (the toilet)? Waah! There’s so many colours So cool NADA: did it look like this last year? I think they put more Was the toilet down here? We are now going to last floor There is one floor up..more and the highest floor Look at this car Now I’m going to toilet (finally) Waah! (no toilet this time xD) Hi! Hello! Okey! Let’s go They’re selling mugs. They are selling EVERYTHING! You can find everything here Now we are going to toilet (finally) (The End of Toilet Hide and Seek) We arrived to Oxford NADA: that is bight…the bight ceo! NADA: I’m not joking! What? NADA: The ceo of Big Hit! The ceo of Big Hit! Those are apparently Big Hit staff? NADA: You didn’t see him?! He has glasses on, short, black hair and taking photo Are we showing in photo? (Photobombing Band PD xD) NADA: That. Is. Big. Hit. Ceo! You can see Big Hit ceo there NADA: Oh my god This guy..His name is Bang PD.. What was his name? Bang PD? What was his name?

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  1. Hello! This is my first vlog from my travels 🙂 I hope you guys will like it and subscribe for more videos. I'm gonna post vlogs from BTS concert and other concerts I went to. I also traveled second time to Seoul, South-Korea and filmed a lot of fun videos to share with you! Oh and I'm sorry for my broken arabic xD I don't use it much but I want to practise to get better. Thanks for watching and please tell me in comments what kind of videos you'll want to see in future 🙂

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