LIVING IN KOREA || First week of classes day 3 at Keimyung University & shopping at emart

Hello everybody, this is day three of my
first week at my university in South Korea Stay tuned! Hello everyone, so today I had two
classes like I have every day This morning I had 3D game basics, that was my first class I already have an assignment to finish until 9 p.m. today I’m pretty sure most of the people are already done with it but I’m really bad at
programming so it takes me a while There’s only one part left out of three
so I think I can finish it soon My second class today was modeling 3D
assets which was my very first class on Monday morning and Monday we didn’t do much we only installed Maya, the program we’re going to work with but today we got a
little instruction he described some of the tools and basically we just tried a
lot of things tried to build things yeah that was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed
that I’m definitely better at that than at programming can’t stress that enough
I’m really not good at programming Always in summer vacation I seem to forget everything that I’ve learned so far It’s like a reset I’m good at learning spoken
languages but programming languages apparently not that much. I wish I had
more math classes I was really good at math Anyway my roommates class finishes
at 6 I think and then she’s gonna come here and then we’re gonna go have dinner
together at the cafeteria and then we’re gonna go to the emart and check out the
supermarket in there for some groceries because the local tiny supermarkets and
convenience stores are really expensive and they don’t have everything and we
wanted to buy some fruit We need some vitamin going, I’m really sick she had a little cough this morning as well we were really scared that she was
gonna get the same thing as I got whatever I’ve growing in my throat I
don’t know but then we’re gonna do that also I need to go to the bank again to
withdraw some more cash so I can pay the dormitory You have to pay that in cash
and there’s only one bank so far that I found that has no fee for the withdrawal
for visa cards There’s a different bank that is okay for master cards but I have visa I have two visas so I gotta do that That’s it for today, thank you bye~ Dinner time~

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