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Before you set out exploring the mysterious
mountain city of Machu Picchu, the floating villages of Lake Titicaca and the tropical treasures of the Amazon jungle, discover the striking contrasts of Peru’s
coastal capital Lima. Ancient and modern… rich and poor… fascinating and entertaining… practical and elegant: Lima is a city of contrasts. Almost a third of all Peruvians call this
sprawling metropolis home and they live in everything from modern high-rise
condos to humble hill-top shacks. The painted façades burst with color in summer… but this image is paled by the fog that rises
from the Pacific Ocean in winter. In this ever-changing city you can find a
new surprise at every turn. All you have to do is prepare your senses; Along the boulevards of Central Lima you’ll
be immersed in the sounds of chaotic traffic, while quiet benches await in coastal parks. Everywhere you go in Lima you can feel the
hot desert sun warm your skin, and at the same time taste the salty sea air. To experience the bohemian side of Lima, follow
the Bajada de los Baños, a walkway that runs from the coast through
the quaint Barranco district. Stroll over the Bridge of Sighs, a legendary place of forbidden romance between
a wealthy girl and a handsome street sweeper. Rich or poor, all Peruvians find common ground
in the city’s many public parks. El Malecón, a continuous stretch of paths
and flower beds, allows you to explore the coastal cliffs of
the Miraflores district on foot. It’s in modern neighborhoods like this that
you almost forget that Lima was built on the ruined pyramids
and temples of ancient civilizations. Yet, in its heart you can retrace the steps of the Lima people
in Huaca Pucllana, a place of ceremony and sacrifice from around
1,500 years ago. Indigenous Peruvians still observe the rituals
and beliefs of their forefathers, despite being devout Catholics today. This religion was introduced to them by Spanish
conquistadores, along with the Castilian language and Baroque
architecture. To see fine examples of their colonial legacy,
visit the Plaza de Armas, which is also known as the Plaza Mayor. It was here that the Spanish explorer Francisco
Pizarro founded Lima in the 16th century. His quest to make the “City of the Kings” the capital of the New World started with
the construction of the Lima Cathedral. Inside, look for Pizarro’s tomb, early religious
artworks and the gold-plated altar. Pizarro lived and worked in the Government
Palace across the street, which is still the official seat of government
today. Take a horse-and-carriage tour from the Plaza, a romantic way of exploring Lima’s UNESCO-protected Historic Center with its typical colonial
balconies. Peru gained independence in 1821, but the
Spanish influence has never been erased. Take a peek inside inner-city museums and
libraries to find stately rooms, soaring glass ceilings and colorful tiled
courtyards. Another highlight is the 18th-century Museo
Larco, which stands on the ruins of a 7th-century
pyramid. The colonial mansion in the Pueblo Libre district
houses an impressive collection of ceramics, artworks and golden jewelry from pre-Columbian
times. The exhibits show the history of ancient Peru
through arts and crafts. After lunch on the patio, cross the garden to the Sala Erótica to see
the museum’s most talked about pieces… Nearby Parque de las Leyendas, which is Lima’s zoo, introduces the wild animals of Peru’s remote
Amazon jungle to all who can’t travel there themselves. Another popular family attraction is Parque
de Exposición in the city center, where kids and adults alike love splashing
around in the water fountains. As the day turns into night, the park’s magical light show is a reminder
that ANYTHING is possible in Lima. Don’t forget, Lima is the perfect stepping
stone to the many natural, cultural and historic treasures that Peru
is so famous for. Take your pick from coastal deserts… lush
rainforests…. fertile altiplanos…. and snow-capped mountains to see the many
faces of Peru.

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  1. I will Never visit this country until the government learns to respect LGBT rights and attempt to tackle corruption (currently ranked 88th on the Corruption Perceptions Index) after what i seen police on Saturday used water cannons against a group of activists who staged an LGBT rights protest that was peaceful until then totally unnecessary.

  2. Lima is my city. I live there for more than 18 years. Is a beautiful place. I would recommend everybody to go to Lima.

  3. Lima, the city of treasures and traditions. I invite you to my page and you can discover other faces of Lima, not the conventional tour, you can find more stories and beautiful monuments and places: thanks!

  4. Most of the places you show are in Miraflores xD but come to other districts such as Surco, Villa Maria or Salvador and it won't be as pretty as you show

  5. Jesus made the world, and Jesus isnt in pagan religions or in catholicism which is still basically a pagan religion

  6. Did you see the old Mexican Lion Dancing posts from when my Great-Grand-Father ruled there? He was Chinese, Japanese, Pekinese, Loki these! HAHA! He was Asian Egyptian Sheba's sun.

  7. Last year I was going by train from Munich to airport and I saw three girls which they were walking to Peru! Since the time I'm going to Peru, especially in this year😊

  8. We're so happy and excited to go back next year… counting the days!!! To enjoy the summer, the sea…my favorite food and more…. I Love Perú <3

  9. You will find the best restaurants in Lima. I've been to most cities in South America and Peru wins 100% in the food department.

  10. Hi Expedia!! when where you make a travel video about Nothren Pakistan? I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you. ☺

  11. Me and my friend are visiting Lima and Machu Picchu we leave on the 9th May 2018 and will be doing the 4 day trek only 2 more sleeps … feeling very nervous but very excited to be able to be privileged to do this with one of my best friends . Both facing our fears and totally coming out of our comfort zone bring it on xxx

  12. What a surprise for me… not like i was thinking it would be a ghastly city, but not this strikingly beautiful…. wow.

  13. Me amore ciudad de Lima.(my Espanola is wrong maybe, because I am not Spanish native)
    This city has a lot of good shock, culture, food, atmosphere etc. After visiting Péru, I fall in love this country and Latin America. I cannot describe the feeling in a word. This country has a lot to attract many people and wanna visit again.

  14. Much better than my home country Philippines, are there any opportunities for a future Respiratory Therapist after college working in Peru??.. Thanks…

  15. Amazing video, the next month i will visite peru, my dream is go to machu pichu, to meet the culture, food, and other amazings places in Peru.

  16. Experience videos never ever disappoint.
    They are probably the best presentation available to sell this destinations.

  17. You have to eat the food!!! Limeño cuisine is a mix of many Indigenous cuisines, Spanish, Chinese, and influences from Japan and Italy too. It makes for an awesome food scene that is world-class.

  18. Y eso que faltan muchos mas lugares como Chosica,balnearios del Sur,elparque de la amistad etc etc

  19. Lima is spectacular in summer, feel the breeze from the sea while watching one of the most beautiful and dramatic sunset from el malecón.

  20. Lima, you are so beautiful. I celebrated my 30th bday in 2014 in your beautiful city and it is the best birthday I have ever had. I will never forget you.
    You are full of surprises, I knew nothing about Lima when I visited Peru, travellers only talked about Machu Picchu, Quito, the Andes, the Amazon, or Lake Titicaca – but Lima was so underrated. Yet when I finally arrived I immediately fell in love.
    I love you Lima, love from Canada

  21. Ame la descripción del vídeo me encantó buen Video dence una vuelta en Lima ya que falta poco para que llegue el verano

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