Let Katie show you how to bead the Traveler Hoop Earrings by Fusion Beads

[Katie] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make these beautiful Traveler earrings. These earrings use both brick
stitch around a component and our decreasing
brick stitch techniques, to create these beautiful earrings out of size 11 Delicacy beads. And this wonderful Nunn
Design hoop earring wire. Let’s go over all the
supplies that you need to make these earrings and
then we can get started. (gentle music) Okay so all the supplies
we need are right here to make these Traveler earrings. So to start with we’ve
got our oval ear wire from Nunn Design and this is
a big hoop made out of brass. And I’ve chosen the antique copper. But if you are not a
copper fan don’t worry. These also come in antique
gold, antique silver and a bright silver. So you can really mix and match and play with your combinations here. But for this earring we
chose antique copper. And these are a brass base
and then they’re plated with the antique copper. And they’ve got this
nice big oval hoop size. And then I chose to work with
one of our mini palettes. So this is a combination of colors that we’ve put together for you. And each palette comes with
five different colors already. And I chose our size 11 Delicas to work with for this pattern. And this is the Traveler combination. And so it comes with a um, matte opaque rainbow aqua color. A Tiffany blue Duracoat
opaque dyed Delica bead. A inside color lined clear bright blue. And a luminous poppy red. And the final color is the opaque, matte opaque rainbow berry/fuchsia color. So these five colors are
all in this little pallet already picked out for you. And then we’re gonna use our FireLine in smoke in the four pound. I’ve got our favorite size
11 tulip beading needles. And our Xuron thread cutters. So let’s get started. Alright let’s get started. So to begin I’m working
with about five feet of our FireLine thread. And I’ve got my ear wire here. We’re gonna be using
two different techniques and the first one is brick
stitch around a component. So we’re gonna learn how
to anchor all of our beads onto this component. And I’ve chosen this ear wire and there’s two different sides. There’s the one with the bend and there’s the one where
it hooks into the ear wire. And we’re gonna be starting
about three quarters of an inch down on this
front side of the ear wire. So just start, we’re just
gonna take our thread and make a double knot around the component. And that’s just gonna anchor our thread to the ear wire. So we’re all hooked on there. You want to leave a little bit of a tail ’cause we’ll weave that in at the end. Okay and the first step
is gonna be to pick up two of our Tiffany blue Delica beads. And we’re going to string
those all the way down so that they reach the component. And we’re working on the
inside of the component. So just I like to hold it, the ear wire a little bit like this. And our thread path is gonna
be to go behind the component, and then come back up the front and go through that last
bead that we strung. And we string two beads at a time to start for brick stitch so that you’re not gonna
see any of the thread path. So you can see they’re
just gonna sit right there next to each other on this. So every stitch is gonna
kind of go back around the back of the component
and then come back up through the bead on the top. So you’re gonna have a little stitch mark on your component like you see here. So we’re going to pick up one more of our Tiffany blue seed bead and string it all the way down to the component. And again our thread is behind
the component at this point and we’re bringing it back up around and through the bead on the front side. And we’ve got three beads on there. And we want to position this
a little bit further down about three eighths of an, or three quarters of an inch down on the front side. And we can use our other earring as a sample
and that looks about right. Okay you can also just
measure that with the ruler. So let’s keep on going. We’re gonna just do the same
thing all the way around adding our different colors. So the next color we’re gonna pick up is our inside color lined
clear bright blue Delica bead. And we’re gonna stitch five
of these onto our component. And again I’m just gonna
pick up one at a time. And string that all the way down. Come back behind the
component with my thread back up the front. And, pull my thread nice and tight. We’re just gonna keep on working that way. Getting our bead in position
or thread behind the component coming back up around the front. Okay I have a little bit
of a knot in my threads let me work that out over here. Okay. So this is gonna create the base for our earring and then
we’re going to build with brick stitch our triangle shapes, off of this base. Okay I’ve got my five of
my inside color line blue. And now I’m gonna move
on to the next color which is our matte opaque
rainbow berry/fuchsia Delica. And I’m gonna stitch on seven of these. So again pulling it all the way down on your thread. Going around the front
side of the component and anchoring that bead
on to your ear wire. And you’ll see as we’re
working this around that you can really play
with how many you want. Depending on the size triangles
you wanna end up with. You could make these starting base foundations different sizes. So we have a three, a five and a seven. And you could always play with
making them different sizes or changing up the colors or
anything like that if you want. So I’ve got my seven on and
now I’m going to move on to my next color. Which is this matte opaque rainbow aqua color. And I’m gonna stitch
on seven of these now. The same exact steps
just one bead at a time. Pick it up, get it to the
bottom of your thread. Go around your component
and back up through the bead and stitch that on. And we’re gonna stitch for
a total of seven of these. Make sure to pull tight at the end. I’m kind of holding it between my fingers and pulling the thread
tight and getting it nice and spaced so that they’re side-by-side. Okay so we’ve got seven of those now. And we’re gonna go ahead
and do our center color which is the luminous poppy red. And we’re gonna pick
up again one at a time. We’re gonna stitch seven of these as well. Anchoring them on to our ear wire base. Okay so we’re halfway done stitching our beads on to our base. We’re gonna continue with the same pattern mirroring up the other
side of the earring. So we’re gonna do seven of our turquoise, seven of our corally color, five of our darker blue
and three of our teal. And keep on working that
up along the side here. And we’ll be back to show,
start our decreasing triangles. Okay so we’ve added all of our base beads using our brick stitch
around a component technique, and now we’re ready to start
building up our triangles inside of our earring. So we’re going to start
with this first color which is our Tiffany
blue and we’re gonna use, create each point of the triangle using decreasing brick stitch. So we’ll work one color at a time. And to begin the second row
here for our Tiffany blue we’re gonna pick up two of
our Tiffany blue Delica beads. And with brick stitch
after you’ve anchored on we’re now gonna start catching the threads that are looping in between the beads. So we’re going to skip over
that first set right here that’s looping under. And we’re gonna loop, bring our needle under the second set of thread passing from the second
and the third bead. And we’re going to pull that tight. And then we have our first bead and our second bead that we strung on. We’re gonna go back up through
just our second bead here. And pull that nice and tight. And that anchors that
second bead on very well. I like to go back and
reinforce this first bead. So we’re gonna do that
now by going back down through that bead. I’m gonna pass under the
loop that’s connecting the first and second bead
from our first anchor row. And go back up through that bead. And that just pops it into position a little bit better there. So then for the top of our triangle here, this is just a tiny triangle
that we’re working on. We’re just gonna pick up one more of our Tiffany Delica bead. And we’re just going
to pass diagonally down through both of these. So this guy is gonna kind
of sit on his side here at the top of the triangle, I think so. Okay now we’re ready to
move on to our next color. And this is the inside color
lined clear bright blue. And we’re gonna pass
our needle right back up through that first bead on our base of our ear wire. And again we’re just gonna work, brick stitch all the way across. So we’re gonna pick up
two beads to start with. And we’re gonna skip over
that first connection and go to the second piece of thread connecting the second
and third beads there. And then pass back up through the Delica bead. And I’m not gonna go back
and reinforce on this row. Only gonna do it on that top row. So then we’re gonna pick up one more bead. Pass back under the next connection. And back up. And that bead might be
sitting a little bit wonky when we come back through on our next row it’ll straighten out. And we’re just picking up one more bead passing under that last set, and going up. So with this row we’re
just stitching on four of our blue beads on top of the five. So we’re decreasing by one each row to get that triangular shape. So ready to go up to the next row we’re gonna pick up two beads. We’re going to skip that
first loop connection there. And we’re gonna go underneath that second one and for this row we will stitch on three beads. So this is our first two. And pick up one more. Stitch under that thread, oops! Got caught on something. And, there we go. So we just stitch three
beads for that row. So then we’re ready to
go up to our next row where we’re gonna have stick on, stitch on two beads. And so this is the row that
will go back and we’ll reinforce that first bead here that strung. So we’re gonna go skip
over that first set, go under the second set
of connecting thread. Stitch back up through
our second bead here. And then we’ll go back and
we’ll reinforce this first guy. Now I’ll make it under
the thread there, okay. Okay, so we’ve got our second triangle almost done. We’ve just got to put on one more bead. So I’m gonna pick up one
more of our blue bead. And then we’re just gonna
stitch diagonally down the entire side of this triangle. And again that bead on
the top will just sit on its side up at the top. Like so. Okay we’re gonna move on to our next color which is the matte opaque
rainbow berry/fuchsia color. And we’ll just stitch up through the first one here on the earring. And we’ll pick up two beads
to start our row off again. And this is a great color to
see the thread path here too. So you can really see that coming through. So we’re gonna skip over
that first set of thread spanning between the
first and second bead. We’ll go under the thread between
the second and third bead. Pull it tight and go back up through the second bead we picked up. There we go. And then we’ll just add one beat at a time all the way across this row. So this was a chain of
seven that we started with. So we’re gonna add a total of six beads for this next row of our triangle. Oops! Okay and we’re going to
step up to our next row. This will be, we will work five across. So we’ll skip over that
first path of thread, go to the next guy. I’m gonna keep on
picking up one at a time. Go under your thread. Back up the other side. We’re gonna step up to the next row. We’ll add four for this guy. Okay and we’re getting to the top of our triangle. We’re gonna do our next
row, will be three. You always pick up two beads to start your row. And that way you don’t
ever see a thread path. It’s all hidden inside the
beads and in between the beads. Okay I’m at the top of my triangle. We’re almost the top I’m on my two rows. So I’m gonna go ahead
and pick up two beads. Again we’re gonna reinforce
both of the beads on this row. So I’m gonna go under my thread here, and then I’m gonna
reinforce this first bead. Okay, get them into place there. Okay and then for our top of our triangle we’re just gonna pick up one bead and we’re gonna head diagonally down the entire side of this triangle here. And that top one will sit there in the side. And you can kind of sometimes, the beads will sit a little bit wonky but you can just kind of get them into place with your fingers. So there you go. So we’ve got three triangles started here. We’re gonna keep on working our way all the way around, oops! Our earring, adding
them in the same manner. So we’re gonna go up
through this next bead and we’ll work all of our turquoise beads. And then we’ll work
each color individually. And build our triangles up and weave back down
the other side of them. So keep on working that
way around your triangle following the pattern that we laid out with our initial base row. And we’ll meet back at the end. Okay so we finished all of our triangles and now we’ve just got
these two thread ends that we need to weave in. And we’ll be done with our earring. So I’m just gonna take, start working with my working thread which still has its needle attached. That makes it easy. And I’m just gonna work
along the base row here of the earring and just almost
like a little ladder stitch just go up and down through the beads on my base row, leaving my tail in here. You don’t have to go very far but I’m gonna go probably
five or six beads down. And then I’ll trim my thread. Maybe I’ll work all the way
through these blue beads here. I can get my needle through out (laughs). Okay. There we go. And then I’m just gonna come in, got a pair of Xuron thread
cutters that I’m using here. And I’m just gonna trim
my thread nice and close. And then I’m gonna do the
same thing with my tail here. This was where we started our
earring and made the knot. Thread that guy. And, again just work up and down go as far as feels comfortable. my tail is a little bit short here. You might wanna leave a
little bit of a longer tail to make it easier for you. Six inches should be good. Mine I think is about three. I’m just gonna go down
a couple beads here. This is where my knot is so um, I think it’s pretty secure. And I’m just gonna come in
again with my thread cutters, and trim that off. Okay so we’ve finished
one complete earring. You wanna follow all of those steps to finish your second earring. All right so we’ve
finished our second earring and now your set is complete. We used both the brick
stitch around a component and the decreasing brick stitch to complete these Traveler earrings. You can find the supplies
to make these earrings and many more projects at FusionBeads.com. (gentle music)

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