Les villages de potiers de SAGA et NAGASAKI

Hello ! It’s Béné no Fukuoka ! This weekend I registered to a monitor tour called “Hizen Yakimono ken” which means it’s a monitor tour around Hizen pottery villages. “Hizen” is the Saga and Nagasaki prefecture area’s previous name. For two days we are going to pottery villages, try new experiences such as visiting pottery workshops, trying to make our own pottery, I think it’s a vase or something like that. It’s going to be very interesting because I don’t know much about Japanese pottery. Well, I did see some in museums but I don’t know how they are made or how the craftmen put the colors. So it will be a very instructive weekend. “Monitor tour in SAGA and NAGASAKI pottery villages” Before the departure we were given the schedule for today and tomorrow It’s kind of busy as you may see. We also got some explanation about the places we are going and an enquete that we have to fill up before the end of tomorrow. We are going to be really busy for two days. Our first stop was Okawachiyama in Saga prefecture. At only a two hours drive from Fukuoka, Okawachiyama is one of the best place for Japanese pottery lovers. “it’s not leather” We were given the chance to visit a pottery workshop and see craftmen working. Japanese pottery is a very delicate art which requires high concentration skills, for exemple when craftmen have to pant the pattern, something which is entierly done by hand. The day before was Hina matsuri or Japanese doll festival / girls day. All the village were full of dolls and cute decorations. We arrived to our second stop : Mikawachi in Nagasaki prefecture As for now we ar going to eat lunch and have a walk around the village. “Such a lovely place” Wow look at this food, everything looks so good !! I’m in heaven i’m in heaven too Mikawachi is pretty similar to Okawachiyama but I really liked to walk around the village. We did the same things : visiting workshops and museums. “so the pottery won’t fall” Yeah, I got all the stamps ! “We take rock from there…” Before going to Ureshino, the city which is going to welcome us for the night, we made a brief stop at Hasami, an other pottery village of Nagasaki. For me the best part of the afternoon was the traditional doll theater show called “Sarayama ningyo”. *sob sob sob* We hold it the easiest way as possible. If you pull this rope the eyebrows go up. After the explanations, it was time for a private show. There are no dialogues but the show was very funny and I had a great time. After the show we could try to hold the dolls and make them move. Believe me or not but it wasn’t easy ! Kanpai !! (cheers) For dinner we ate a dish called “onsen yudofu”. It’s Ureshino onsen speciality and it’s tofu boiled by hot spring water with vegetables and meat. The tofu becomes soft and it’s very tasty, especially eaten with the sauce. Let’s eat ! Let’s eat ! Shot with the hotel’s permission I don’t really like the kimono I was given. We arrived late at the rental show and we didn’t have time to choose ourself our kimono so the shop ladies choose for us and as I look young I was designated a pink kimono which is… really really girly. At least I could say no to the full pink kimono hey first choose !! Once we were all in our kimono, we went for a stroll around Arita. Arita is pretty. I liked the rock walls and their doll festival decorations a lot. It’s SO good !! Look at this, it’s like an artist palette. Our next stop was one of the moment I was looking for the most : the painting on ceramics experience. Unfortunately I’m pretty bad at drawing by hands and my plate turns to be a disaster. Total fail… Wow it’s beautiful ! Last stop of our travel : Takeo onsen. We could try to prepare our own matcha tea. It was at this moment that my camera battery became empty. Sorry for this brutal ending…

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