LEGO Jurassic Park: The Lost Travelers (Animation)

We got you out in time. You nearly died! Thank you. But where are we? Finally. Guys! Come here! This is perfect. I say we rest here and continue in the morning. The ground is much too rough! And there’s no WIFI! It may not be your comfort zone, but this is about survi- WAIT! We are not alone. How did he die? And where are his limbs? Seriously, man? What? I thought he might like a nice hat! Well…we’re gonna go look for some supplies. And we’ll keep our little friend company! Ha! I’m sure you will! Huh? You stupid piece of plastic! It was YOU who took it! What’s up chubs? No funny business. I know you took my beef jerky. What do you think I am? A thief? As a matter of fact, I do! (Arguing) No. I think that… ROOAAARRRR!!!

54 thoughts on “LEGO Jurassic Park: The Lost Travelers (Animation)

  1. Haha, you make some great stop-motions! You should definitely keep it up!!! Your good old friend, Lego Bricklantis.

  2. funny , i like the skeletons point of view and the brick build dinosaur , the animation is also very good

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