Left Home Travelers Episode 3 – Monument Valley, UT

let’s home travelers Monument Valley I left home from Los Angeles traveling to monument valley on the Utah and Arizona borders I will rate and review some recommended places I visited there please remember this is not a luxury trip not a princess trip is a real road trip don’t be afraid of unexpected adventures or getting lost or covered with dirt and more dirt as left home travelers we need to be wise about how we plan ahead of time and be safe it is about 633 miles from Los Angeles to Monument Valley and the trip took us about 10 hours on our first day we headed to Goulding’s campground to check out the site we set up a tent unpacked our gears and belongings before it got too dark the Goulding’s RV park and campground offers the hot showers on-site convenience store Wi-Fi and there is a guest vision about one mile from the campsite the campsite cost about $20 per night however you as traveler should check out the prices since I visited last year day 2 I hiked around camp site so beautiful cactus flower and visited Goulding’s Trading Post Museum yes I got to hug John Wayne in a way yes definitely check out when you get a chance day three and four Monument Valley a couple of miles from Goulding’s campground hike and drill the belly drive Monument Valley Navajo tribe Park the drive is 17 miles some sections are too rocky and bumpy and other sections are quiet smooth we took a small Hyundai Elantra car but I would recommend to rent an SUV the drive is phenomenal definitely leave home for this travelers so worth it beautiful views spectacular and it was raining too more hiking to some picture where for some movie was filmed where for comes decided stop running and go home but this Letham travelers is not leaving yet unlike FORSCOM we actually discover the Natural Bridges National Monument there are two ways to get to the Natural Bridges National Monument from Monument Valley and we took Utah 95 to Utah 261 the mochi don’t wait the first warning sign says 10% grades switchback narrow gravel road 23 miles ahead if you are afraid of heights then don’t even bother to drive there take an alternate route from bluff travelers can drive 191 North 95 east to 75 to get to the Natural Bridges on the way we saw a few open rain signs and saw a few cowboys and cows so far I have been to the Natural Bridges National Monument about three times and don’t forget to see the stars at night time the place is known for being an international Dark Sky Park again I will explain more about this monument for another upcoming video as well stay tuned day six more hiking as left home travelers I would recommend Monument Valley and driving through Belly drive natural bridges and if you have some time stop by the belly of gods please know that this trip was taken more than a 1 years ago please do more research and reference to be safe as you are preparing to leave home to plan ahead research check weather and road conditions and travel during offseason for great deals and most importantly less people and traffic also there is a different time zone from California to Arizona and Utah if you liked the video please subscribe I will be uploading more videos for left home travelers see you on the road travel on

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