Learn Numbers, Shapes and Colors at the Amusement Park -TOYS (Roller Coasters, Bumper Cars and More)

I love roller coasters! Max, what is your favorite ride? I love big drop rides. First, you go up and then you free-fall. What’s yours, Pete? Mine is the bumper cars! And what is your favorite ride? We’re here! – Have fun and I will pick you up later!
– Thanks, Ben. Welcome to the amusement park! I am very happy to see you! Hi, J5! This is my friend O5. I call him “Bubble”. Today, we’re only open for the toys and you! Great! We won’t have to wait in lines. Our first ride is the Ferris wheel. Once we are on top, we can see the entire park. If you need help getting on the ride, just let me know. Are you coming, Bubble? He’s too scared of big rides. By the way, Bubble does not know his numbers, shapes, or colors. – Can we teach him his numbers, shapes, and colors before each ride?
– Of course! Great! Thank you! I can create images of numbers, shapes, and colors. You can say them out loud so Bubble can learn them! We are at the very top. Now, you can see the entire park. I see the bumper cars. I see my favorite roller coasters! And I see my favorite big drop ride! First, let’s ride that roller coaster. I almost forgot; Bubble wants to learn something. First, let’s teach him some numbers. – Bill, can you count to ten?
– Yes! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! That’s right! That ride was so much fun! Now, let’s go on some small rides. I want to go on the carousel. I want to ride the train. And I wanna go on that spinning ride. It looks like the train is here. Hurry, before we miss it. We’re going to the drop tower! My favorite ride! What a tall tower! Bubble wants to learn about shapes now. – Pete, do you know the shapes?
– Yes! Great! Thank you. Circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, octagon. We’re ready for a free-fall. This was a great ride! The bumper cars! Okay, Bubble. Now, let’s learn colors. Look, these cars are different colors. We have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. My favorite car is red! I’ll ride in the green car! I choose blue! Bubble wants to ride in the yellow car. And I choose the purple car. This orange car is for you! This is our final ride. This is a wooden roller coaster ride. I think Bubble isn’t scared anymore. He wants to ride this big roller coaster. – Did you have fun?
– Yes, we did!

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