Learn English with Justin Bieber and William Shakespeare

Who is the most famous British person ever? Who is the most famous American person ever,
maybe? So let’s play Shakespeare versus Bieber. Ok guys, we’re going to test your knowledge.
Now I have some lines written by either Shakespeare or Justin Bieber and you guys have to tell
me who wrote it. Ok, are you ready? We’re going to need some music for this. Let’s have
some music! Sometimes the heart can see what’s invisible
to the eye That was Justin Bieber! Oh my god, I didn’t
realise. Alright, let’s try number two. Love looks not with the eyes but with the
mind Ok, that was William Shakespeare. Alright
did you guys get that correct? Alright, that’s two! Let’s do the third one. Don’t separate our destiny by separating you
from me That was Justin Bieber as well. I can’t believe
it. Maybe, he’s the modern day Shakespeare, I don’t know. Is it too late now to say sorry? Because I’m
missing more… What on Earth is he doing? Oh my god! Does
he think he’s Justin Bieber? Oh my goodness. Guys! Ok, the only way to stop him. seriously!
The only way to stop him is to give this video a thumbs up otherwise he’s going to do this
all day. He can dance all day! Alright? What are these..put your tongue away! What is that?
So sorry guys, I promise this will never happen again. Oh no! There go the shoulders. Anyway guys, thank you for hanging out with
me, I’ve got loads of more videos for you to learn English. They are on my YouTube channel
which is ‘Eat Sleep Dream English’ check it out, you’ll love it I’m sure. Until next time
guys, take it easy this is Tom the English Hipster saying goodbye.

6 thoughts on “Learn English with Justin Bieber and William Shakespeare

  1. LoooooL!!! … Oh my God you're a lot of fun… I never had laughed this much in an english lesson before!!! 😅😅

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