La Quinta Meets Travelers at Their I-Want-To-Book Moments

(bright music) – La Quinta has reached about 33% in overall traffic coming in from mobile. We’ve seen some strong growth there. It’s been about 2x over
the last three years. Everybody’s leveraging
every moment of the day. People are researching on their phones, standing in the line at the grocery store. They want to be able to see
the content they’re looking for and then be able to make that transaction as quickly as possible. La Quinta is a small-scale
company compared to many of our other competitors. We have a single brand with a
little less than 900 hotels. It changes the scale of what I can afford in terms of technology in order to be able to communicate with your
customers effectively, to give the mobile site
experience that is optimized and competitive in today’s landscape. And there’ve been many
times we’ve had to sit down and have heart-to-heart
talks with the C-suite and say look, we can either make this bet or we can not ride this
next wave of innovation. We’re fortunate, our C-suite believes in making the bets when necessary. One of those big bets was to change out the
underlying mobile platform, realizing that this growing
channel of distribution that we have was falling behind. Google actually helps solidify
some of those directions that we think we need to go. We felt strongly enough about the data that Google had brought to
us in terms of the reach that mobile hotel ads would bring that we thought it was very
important to get that out during the middle of the summer. We will not typically do a release of any type of consumer-facing technology during our busiest summer months. So we actually launched that in July, as opposed to waiting until
September to turn that on and it was the right move. Hotel ads are performing at a significantly
stronger conversion rate, twice what we see on
regular traffic on mobile and that makes a big
difference in terms of results. 1/3 of our traffic coming into the sites are hitting us on mobile. If we weren’t optimizing what that experience was on a mobile website, we simply wouldn’t have
those customers coming in through that channel. Over the last three years
we’ve seen a 4x growth in mobile bookings. The next 24 to 36 months, I
think, will be very pivotal within the industry, really centered around how guests engage with your brand. Reaching customers at that micro-moment, that time of decision, is critical for us. Being able to deliver
the right type of content at the right time enables us to improve that conversion rate and
satisfy that guest request.

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