L1 Visa Benefits, USA 2019

Attorney Menchaca, Would you mind telling me what
are the benefits of the L1 visa? Absolutely, the L1 visa is a great visa. Number one and most importantly, What it does is it puts you On a path to qualify for a green card, For US permanent residency. So basically, in simple terms and
not exact terms, But in simple terms if you
qualify for the L1A visa, Then you are a very good candidate
for a green card. So that’s the most attractive
part of the L1A visa. That people want it because it gets them
on a direct path to a green card. Now, more specifically the L1A visa allows
you to live in the United States with your immediate family spouse and
children under the age of 21. It allows you to work, to be employed,
to make money in the United States. So, that’s always a plus, And also your spouse will have the
option to apply for a work permit. That allows your spouse to work
anywhere in the United States. They can even start their own business. So it gives flexibility to families
because a one income family Can become a two income family
with the L1A visa. Ok, the service of the work permit do
you guys offer this service? Yes, absolutely. Once you are to get your
L1A visa approved, We would call you and say hey
does your spouse want to work? And if the answer is yes, Then we would offer the service of
processing the work permit for your spouse. I see, what other benefits does
this visa give you? So as you know, the United States has the
best education system in the world, And the L1A visa gives you access to
that education system. So, you as a professional you know, you can
sign up to get your masters degree, Your PhD in the evenings and go to
the university part time. Your children will have the opportunity
to go to school from kindergarten All the way to college on this visa, Without the need of applying
for a student visa. So it gives everybody in the family
access to the US education system. That’s great. What other benefits does
this visa give you? This visa allows you to qualify for a
social security number, Which is a national identification number
issued to people in the United States, And as you know it’s a number that
you need for just about everything That you do in the United States. It’s needed for every type of application, Even when you buy a cell phone you know You need to have your
social security number. So this number is given to you when
you have the L1A visa. It’s a number that you cannot get
with just a tourist visa. So, that’s a fantastic benefit of the L1A. You can also qualify for a driver’s
license with this visa, And most importantly this visa eases
your entries into United States. It facilitates your ability to enter
because it’s a high-end visa. Not everybody can qualify for it, And when you show up at the port
of entry into the United States And you want to come in
they see your visa. They see that you have an L1A, And they already know why you’re
coming to the United States. They know you live here, they know you work here, And they just sort of let you on in. Pretty easy. Those all sound like great benefits. Thank you Attorney Menchaca.

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  1. My company provided me L1B visa and I am citizen of UK and I am moving to US soon on expat position. Can I apply for green card by myself in case my company do not sponsor me for that?

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