KUNMING, CHINA: The ULTIMATE Layover?! | One Day in Yunnan Travel Guide

Kunming was a city that we didn’t have any expectations for. It was a stopover, a means to an end. But it ended up being so much more. The first time we arrived in the city was
after a 12 hour travel day from Xingping. There’s so much traffic that the driver is
just having a fag outside. The oldest travel cliche in the book is that
it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. And that pretty much sums up my feelings about going to Kunming. At first glance, Kunming just looks like another big Chinese city. But then you can dig a little deeper and find a spot like Yuantong Temple. A buddhist retreat that has been there since
the 6th or 7th century that provides a corner of peace to both locals and visitors. So just down the road from the temple is Green Lake Park, which is again just beautiful. The park is completely free to enter and it’s full of all sorts of natural beauty. As it seems to be the case with quite a lot
of the Chinese parks that we’ve been to so far is that there’s just a lot going on. There’s boats, there’s food, there’s dancing going on. It’s just… It’s happening. And now we’ve rented one of these cute little
electric boats for half an hour, which costs 40 yuan. If you ask me, there’s no better way of observing
local Chinese life, than by visiting a public park. This is the China that just doesn’t get shown
in the western media. It’s got to be said as well, the people are
just, they are so friendly. They’re obviously very interested in you as
a western walking around because, you know. The kids will be staring and then you give
them a little wave and they’ll laugh and wave back and say hello. It’s really nice. Nǐ hǎo! Nǐ hǎo. Our first day was an unexpected surprise. We returned almost a week later. Look at that beard! So we are just boarding our very first Chinese sleeper train. We’re going to be travelling from Lijiang
back to Kunming. And it should take about 8 hours. Just about made it in. It’s 6am and we just arrived back in Kunming. Yaaaaaaaaay. We’re back in Kunming because we’re getting
a flight tomorrow morning up north, so we’ve just got the day to explore. And we’re going to check out the big lake
which is outside of the city. So we paid 88 yuan for an all inclusive ticket
which includes a bus up the hill, the cable car and entry to the gate as well. Scary! It’s just a floating bench. Dianchi Lakes lies between the metropolis
of Kunming and the beautiful forest of the western hills. We’re just getting our first glimpses of the
lake now. It’s so huge. It looks like the sea. Hello! Hello! Hello! Look at these. Cave bin. First we climbed up to the Lingxu Pavillion
and got some amazing views over the lake and the city. We’re now heading up to the Dragon Gate, the main event. The route to the gate was full of surprises. Again, amazing views, paths that lead into
caves and lots and lots of people. It’s a bit crowded up here. The Dragon Gate is an important place for Buddhists and it’s popular with tourists who want to grab some of that good luck. I mean, it’s worth a shot. The way back to level ground was through these amazing cave tunnels that twist around the mountainside. And that’s the end of our two very short,
disjointed days in Kunming. A city that is more than just a transport
hub and one I can’t wait to stop through again one day. Next time on the One Shot Adventures China Series. Live music, local brews and beautiful mountains. Welcome to China’s hipster paradise! Thank you so much for watching this film,
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