Korea’s travel exhibition aims to boost domestic tourism

Koreans are increasingly opting to vacation
overseas rather than here in Korea,… but there’s plenty to see and enjoy within the
nation’s border. And, the government is determined to remind
them and everyone else of this fact. Connie Kim reports. Take a sneak peek at Korea’s
best travel destinations. Ahead of an 11-day travel week designated
by the government in May, the Culture Ministry and Korea Tourism Association have launched
a travel exhibition to give Koreans a better idea of where to spend their vacations.
The exhibition kicked off with Korean fusion music,… with the culture minister, foreign
ambassadors and Seoulites in attendance. “There are a lot of good travel destinations
in Korea. We want to inform and promote diverse places so that people can visit different
places in the nation.” “For me as the ambassador of Russia it’s of
great importance especially this year because our two presidents last November when my President
Putin he visited Korea, they reached an agreement on the special regime for visits. So I’m waiting
for crowds of Russians coming to Korea.” From the city of Andong’s famous Korean beef
to Ullengdo Island’s pumpkin taffy, the exhibition introduces the unique tastes that different
regions of the country offer. Visitors were drawn in by the exhibition’s
national park booth, where they got to walk on simulated park trails.
One feature that highlights the ecology of the demilitarized zone was especially popular,
offering visitors a chance to see something they normally can’t.
While there’s plenty to do for adults, there’s just as much for children to take in and and
enjoy. “Archery was the most fun activity and I learned
that Gangwon-do has great scenery and lots to do. I want to visit Gangwon-do.” “With plans to encourage Koreans to travel
more WITHIN the country, the nation’s one and only travel exhibition will be welcoming
visitors until March 2nd at the COEX Convention Center.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.”

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