Korea’s Medical Tourism Leader

Seoul Guide Medial is Korea’s leader in
medical tourism. We have been featured by Forbes Magazine as
the industry leader in Korea. NBC News Washington sent anchor Eun Yang for
special report on Seoul Guide Medical. Estonia Channel 2 News sent reporter Roald
Johannson as part of their Korean plastic surgery focus during the 2018 Winter Olympic
Games. NBC News Washington chose us again as the
industry expert and featured us in a second special report on Korean plastic surgery and
medical tourism. WTHR NBC News Indianapolis sent journalist
Steve Rhodes to feature Seoul Guide Medical for their series. Seoul Guide Medical appeared on the Next Frontier
in Japan as Korea’s medical tourism leader. A Canadian news corporation featured SGM and
these are just a few of the news organizations which have chosen Seoul Guide Medical as the
most trusted name in Korean medical tourism. Contact us today!

11 thoughts on “Korea’s Medical Tourism Leader

  1. So many people have interviewed Seoul guide Medical! Definitely will message them next time I'm in Korea!

  2. Does your facility offer the laser that is effective in the removal of blonde/fine hairs? I currently reside in Korea and I am interested in having several procedures completed. Thanks

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