Korea expects record-high 17 mil. foreign visitors in 2016: Tourism ministry

Korea’s expected to have seen a record number
of foreign tourists this year — 17 million, thanks to a surge in visitors from China. That’s according to the Ministry of Culture,
Sports and Tourism, which said today that through November, that number is up 31-point-2
percent from last year. The ministry expects the nation will have
admited a little over 8 million Chinese nationals by year’s end, a rise of 34-point-4 percent. And Japanese tourist numbers, it says, will
have risen to nearly 2-point-3 million, up by about a quarter. A big part of that spike is because tourism
to Korea last year was hit hard by the spread of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or
MERS. The tourism ministry said foreign tourism
is likely to have generated revenues worth 19-point-4 trillion won, or about 16-point-1
billion U.S. dollars… and created some 374-thousand tourism-related jobs.

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