Kompass und Gabel – Draw my life – Wer sind wir?

Jens: Hello everybody, welcome to Kompass und Gabel Dennis: We are happy that you are here. Today we wanna tell you what Kompass und Gabel is. Dennis: Have fun Jens: WE, that are Dennis and Jens. You are the green manikin? Yes, I am the green one. And I am the blue? Yes, you are the blue one. And you have black hair. And you have red hair. Yes, but actually we look like this. But let´s start at the very beginning. At the very beginning? Ohm, Dennis? What is this? They also did cooking at that time already. The dinosaurs or what? With a cooking pot? No, the Neanderthal. Ah, ok… No, Dennis. I don’t think they had cooking pots. And fire neither. Not the dinosaur. Sure. Let me do this. Well, we come from the city with the clock. The city with the pizza. I think we are the World´s biggest pizza exporter…. From Dr. Oetker. Also we have the Sparrenburg. With a flag on the top. And of course we have the “Alp” (“Alm”). Not the alp but a football stadium with the same name. Come on Dennis. Tell us how we met. I think this was during community service in a hospital. There we met in the canteen smoking cigarettes. And that wasn’t a ban on smoking but more an order to smoke. Yes, that is true. That was a lot of smoking at that time. At that time I started cooking in the residential home with Mase. We cooked different delicacies. It smelled. Well some people complained. And…. And the fire fighters had to come more than once!! Once only. Yeah, sure. Once only…. At one time our ways went separately. Firstly, I worked at a bank because I wanted to count some money. And after that time I went to a university. While you were counting money I wrote journalistic articles about animals, bugs and more. After that I went to the University of Bielefeld. I was in Paderborn. That was not that good but I didn’t stay long there. I went abroad pretty early. Where I was… Dennis? What is that? Can you see it? is that a hat? Yes, a red, green hat and a bottle of Tequila. Yeah, I went to Mexico first. Didn’t you go to a women´s university in Korea? Yeah, I also did that. At that time it was a unique possibility for being the only man studying in a women´s university. That was a pretty awesome experience 🙂 Our ways crossed again in a shared apartment in Bonn. In the Wolfstrasse I first lived with Julius. I moved into the room back of the apartment. B joined. Franz Jessi Annika Alex Tobi Serkan Alex the second And of course Uta. And definitely this was an awesome time with a lot of fun and constantly changing flatmates. Thanks again for this wicked time. But let´s go back to the topic. Namely Kompass und Gabel. And how did we get this idea. After our last vacation we were back to normal life so quickly. We missed the food. We missed the people. We missed the culture. and exactly from this we developed Kompass und Gabel. We want to bring you closer to the culture, to the people, share our experiences and recipes from far away countries. Of course all these are original receipts against wanderlust. We wish you a lot of fun reading… and of course watching the videos. Yours, Jens and Dennis.

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