Kids Quiz Art Experts on Art Masterpieces with Google Arts & Culture

What is this thing? SPEAKER 2: Are you guys ready? [WHOOSH] His hand looks really realistic. I kind of feel like
my hand is his hand. SPEAKER 3: And the lady
looks mad at the man. He’s like, hey, rake
the farm already. [LAUGHTER] You want to have
more vegetables. SPEAKER 4: Does the
painting look like it’s big? SPEAKER 2: Mm. Not really big, but
when I zoom in, yeah. [LAUGHTER] SPEAKER 5: It’s like a man,
and he looks like he’s pooping. SPEAKER 6: Rothko? SPEAKER 2: Wrong. [BUZZER] SPEAKER 7: A Japanese
Ukiyo-e print. SPEAKER 3: No. [BUZZER] SPEAKER 7: Is it “American
Gothic” by Grant Wood? SPEAKER 3: Yes! [DING] SPEAKER 2: And now on
to the next painting.

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